It’s always a feeling of great accomplishment to look at something, have that thought, and actually be able to follow through. While I was shopping the other day I came across some adorable needle threaders. I reached for them, then stopped, caught up in the brilliant idea that I could engineer something myself that looked much the same. And I did! True mine are not made from plastic, but with my access to the Dallas Makerspace that could certainly change as new ideas form. I made my threaders from supplies I already owned with the exception of the beading wire. After a couple of trial pieces made with a thicker gauge wire I found what I believe to be the best one for the job.

1. Turbo Glue (or any other tough crafting glue)
2. Rubber Cement
3. Wire Bending Tool
4. .3mm Beading Wire
5. Thin Cardboard (another use for that recycled cardboard!)
6. Scrapbook Papers
7. Paper Punch
8. Binder Clips
9. Scissors

Step 1:

Step One:

With your paper punch, cut out two piece from the thin cardboard and the scrapbook paper. You should have four pieces when completed. I found it best to use a punch no smaller than a half inch wide. This helps give you something to grip when threading.
<p>This is so cool! Thank you! I think I'll adapt this a little &amp; make beaded threaders. TYSM for the direction on what size wire to use!</p>
I am always looking for my threader. Now I can have as many as I want and always have one handy. Thank you!
now thats just nifty
That is really cute! What a fun little thing to make for people :)
Thank you!

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