DIY Night Lamp Light Stand for Room Decor





Introduction: DIY Night Lamp Light Stand for Room Decor

DIY at HOME - How to make Paper Night Lamp Light Stand for Room Decor which is simple and Easy to make DIY Project for kids to enjoy and have fun making by yourself

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I had an idea of pimping up a gaming desk or a small desk beside a bed or in the hallway .. and I came up with this hope you all like it and have fun making it and trying out yourself :) .. Let me your thoughts on this video by commenting down on the comment section.

▶Just follow the step by step instructions in the video and have fun by trying out by yourself !!!

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Step 1: Materials Required

  • Cardboard sheets
  • Hot glue gun
  • 2 pin connector
  • bulb holder
  • Colored bulbs (white,yellow,red,blue,green)
  • wires

Step 2: Cut 17 Cm Cardboard Squares (REFER VIDEO)

Step 3: Do the Markings on the 1st Cardboard Piece (REFER VIDEO)

Step 4: Cut Accordingly Using Cutter (REFER VIDEO)

Step 5: Apply Hot Glue Using Hot Gluegun on 2nd Cardboard Piece (REFER VIDEO)

Step 6: Place the 1st Cardboard Cutout on the 2nd One As Shown (REFER VIDEO)

Step 7: Place a Wire in the Gap of the Cutout Made (REFER VIDEO)

Step 8: Apply Hot Glue (REFER VIDEO)

Step 9: Place the 3rd Cardboard Piece With the Circle in the Centre for the Wires to Come Out (REFER VIDEO)

Step 10: Connect the Wires to the Bulb Holder (REFER VIDEO)

Step 11: Stick the Bulb Holder in the Gap Using Hot Glue (REFER VIDEO)

Step 12: Connect the Other End of the Wire to a 2 Pin Connector (REFER VIDEO)

Step 13: Take a Paper Sheet of Given Dimensions (REFER VIDEO)

Step 14: Draw Random Lines on the Paper Using Black Marker (REFER VIDEO)

Step 15: Fold 3 Sides of the Paper Sheets As Shown in the Video (REFER VIDEO)

Step 16: Again Take a Bigger Paper Sheet of Given Dimensions (REFER VIDEO)

Step 17: Again Draw Random Lines on It to Make a Nice Pattern (REFER VIDEO)

Step 18: Stick Together the Paper Cutouts As Shown in the Video (REFER VIDEO)

Step 19: Take 4 Wooden Sticks With Pointed Ends of Given Dimensions (REFER VIDEO)

Step 20: Stick the Wooden Sticks As Shown in the Figure (REFER VIDEO)

Step 21: Now I Used the White LED Bulb for the Trail ... You Can Use Any Color Bulb of Your Choice .. I Also Used Red and Yellow Colored Bulbs (REFER VIDEO)

Step 22: Place the Paper Cutout on the Top and Turn on the LED Bulb (REFER VIDEO)

Step 23: Turn Off the Room Light to See This Amazing Night Lamp for Your Room Decor (REFER VIDEO)

Step 24: Thats Is Try Out Different Colored Bulbs As Per Your Room Requirement ..Please Refer My Youtube Video for Step by Step Visual Explaination ..And Also Share This Videos With Your Friends and Family and Subscribe to My Channel for More Exciting DIY Projects



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    Very cool! I would not have guessed it was paper and cardboard. Clever :)

    thank you so much :)