Picture of DIY No-Sew Cardigan
So I got this shirt roughly 10 years ago. And I keep on keeping it because I like the stripes or something…and maybe the colors. But I can’t wear it because a) it’s too short and b) it’s too thick to layer with anything. And in the middle of last week’s closet-purging, in a blinding stroke of genius, I decided to make it a cardigan. But the fastest, kind of laziest way possible.

For this project, you'll need: an old shirt, scissors, a ruler, hem tape, thread, 1 button, and an iron.
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Step 1: Step 1: Cut

Picture of Step 1: Cut
Use a ruler to draw a straight line down the front center of your shirt.....and cut.

Step 2: Step 2: Hem

Picture of Step 2: Hem
Following the manufacturer's directions, hem the cut edges using your hem tape and iron.

Step 3: Step 3: Button

Picture of Step 3: Button
Pick an oversized button and sew it on one of the sides where a normal button should theoretically go. It’s just for show so it looks like a legit cardigan. We’re not going to dilly-dally with making a button hole or anything because that’s just out of the realm of my patience.

Step 4: Step 4: Show it off

Picture of Step 4: Show it off
Now wear that bad boy with every single thing currently hanging in your closet. It will either match or not match in a very purposeful looking way. You've earned bragging rights.
giannacl8 months ago


pyromonkey3 years ago
On mine I stitched down the hem and I made a button hole
pyromonkey3 years ago
Cool!! I have the perfect shirt to do that with too!! And Ive got TONS of buttons. I think Ill actually stitch the hem down, Ive had some serious bad luck with hem tape :/
twigs9093 years ago
omg got to try this great idea
Awesome and Thanks!
wenders3 years ago
omg that us a brilliant idea well done i am deffo doing that
susanrm3 years ago
Really cute!!
kbrooks33 years ago
Very nice! Gotta head to my closet now. Thanks for the post.
carakiller3 years ago
You could handsew a loop of cord or something the other side to the button so that it would actually button up (without having to do a buttonhole).
Mauigerbil3 years ago
Epic! This looks so easy I could do this in 5 minutes!
AronC08163 years ago
Cool! great idea.
I am a cardigan fanatic, I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!
scoochmaroo3 years ago
So good. And what a great excuse to break out some fancy buttons!
I love it! I love being able to transform old clothes. I think it turned out really cute!