Picture of DIY No Sew One Shoulder Shirt

Learn how to make a cute One shoulder Shirt!

Materials - Mens T-Shirt - Scissors - Chalk

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myrrhmaid9 months ago

I love this so much! I added it to my Party Time ala 70's style page of my Disco-ball pumpkin Instructable. THANK YOU!

Omg! thanks so much i never thought to do this with shirts! now i can stand to wear all the cool graphic tees i've set aside because they were too big c:

cat198611 months ago
This is awesome
lebowski11 months ago

Yes, welcome back! Tell us what you have been up to!

Mr.Sanchez12 months ago

That song fits like a glove.!

giannyl (author)  Mr.Sanchez11 months ago


giannyl (author)  Mr.Sanchez11 months ago


andrea biffi11 months ago

welcome back!

giannyl (author)  andrea biffi11 months ago


watchmeflyy11 months ago

Nice design!