DIY Oil Lamp





Introduction: DIY Oil Lamp

This is a simple oil lamp I wanted to make after I saw this really nice spice grinder that we had.

All you will need to make this is the jar of your choice, a wick, and some aluminum foil. It is really simple

Step 1:

Take strips of aluminum foil and wrap it around something the size of your wick. I used a toothpick. Keep wrapping on layers of aluminum foil until you form some kind of stopper for the top of the jar with a hole in the center of the stopper for the wick.

Step 2:

Dip the wick in oil before pulling the wick through the hole in the stopper. Then, fill oil in the jar and fit the stopper on the top. I used ordinary cooking palm oil.

Step 3:


Light it up.

Enjoy your new oil lamp.



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Olive oil burns at around 1/2 oz. per hour. Silica wicks do not degrade like cotton wicks do so they will last a long, long time. Cotton wicks will degrade over time and will need to be adjusted or pulled up and trimmed every so often. YMMV. Olive oil does not smell up the room at all except when it goes out but, the smell dissipates pretty quickly. The jury is out on the aluminum foil although I'd bet it's perfectly safe to use here. I don't think the temperatures are hot enough to produce out-gassing of the metal. NathanLIo's link below has answers on both sides of the argument. I tend to believe it's safe.

Could you use olive oil?

I don't know how hot thus thing gets but either way I think people should look at this:
Stay safe people. :p

What a great idea! And a original use for palm oil... Thanks for sharing!


How long does the lamp burn for ?

I reaaly like this and want to make some for our bbq area.

What do you do when the wick burns low? Do you keep pulling it up?

Does it stink the room up? Does regular vegetable oil work?

Very cool! The way you made the stopper out of aluminum was pretty slick. Nicely done!