Giant Monogram Prop made with Duct Tape and Cardboard!

Picture of Giant Monogram Prop made with Duct Tape and Cardboard!
cardboard and tape simple monogram carnival style letter.jpg
ombre monogram out of duct tape and cardboard.jpg
Brought to you by the letter "S"!

This is a tutorial for a fabulous monogram made
from cardboard and duct tape!
This cost me $5 for supplies...and it's nearly 3 feet tall!

I did an "s", you could do any letter, shape or thing you can think of!
Would be an easy way to make pinata's too!
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Step 1: Dumpster diving...

Picture of dumpster diving...
cardboard and duct tape contest.jpg
You'll need cardboard.  For the large front and side of the S,
I used 2 sheets of foam board from the dollar store. 
(you might have access to large pieces of cardboard)

And tools.  I used a cutting mat (I could use a bigger one...)
and a razor knife.

You'll also need hot glue and duct tape.

Step 2: Sketchy work...

Picture of Sketchy work...
I sketched out an s that I liked.
Sometimes S's can be so boring!  I did a Carnival style s
that I thought would be perfect...and I was right!

Step 3: Cutting...

Picture of Cutting...
cutting mat and razor for cutting foam core.jpg
make a giant monogram.jpg
I used a razor knife and cut out the shape.

Step 4: And...repeat!

Picture of And...repeat!
dollar store crafts monogram cardboard foamcore foam core duct tape.jpg
double s monogram.jpg
Then I traced the s I cut onto the other foam
board and cut that out too!
It doesn't have to be in the reverse...unless you are using
a cardboard that you are trying to keep the pattern from.

Now you should be seeing doubles.

Step 5: Stripping...

Picture of Stripping...
Next, cut strips of cardboard...these egg boxes were
perfect for me, and I had 3 in the garage waiting for recycling!
My strips are 5 inches wide

Step 6: Gluing...

Picture of Gluing...
cardboard and duct tape monogram letter.jpg
duct tape and cardboard monogram home decor photography prop.jpg
Now start hot gluing your cardboard onto the foam board...the
cardboard rolls and bends perfectly around any bend or corner.

Once you get to the end of the strip, just hot glue on
another one, overlapping slightly.

Until you finish the entire shape.  If your monogram letter
had a hole in an A,B, or D, etc...
just glue cardboard right around the centers too!

Step 7: Topping...

Picture of Topping...
make your own monogram letter ampersand wedding diy.jpg
monogram out of duct tape and cardboard home decoration.jpg
Now you can set your top piece on and see how
cool it will look in a few minutes.

Just lift up an edge of the foam board.  Run hot glue along
the cardboard and press the foam board onto it.

Then gently lift up the next section and continue all the way around the letter!
mclare502 years ago
I need to try this! Great instructions!
Awesome!! I love the idea of using it for a piñata!

Danny looks just like Mike. Wow!