Picture of DIY Orange Candle
This candle gives you an easy way to freshen up your house to smell like fruit, and not wasting anything at all!
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Step 1: Get A Basic Orange

Picture of Get A Basic Orange
Just get a basic orange you will be eating this. (Optional)

Step 2: Cutting The Orange.

Picture of Cutting The Orange.
Get the orange and cut in the center lightly trying not to cut the orange inside. Get a spoon (as shown) and remove the top. Empty the orange and is optional to eat. Leave the center stem in the orange.

Step 3: Making The Candle

Picture of Making The Candle
Fill the orange peel (one with stem) with oil. Any kind will do, leaving a little bit of stem showing. Light the stem. You now have a candle! The stem does burn though so this is disposable.
Thrombis1 year ago
cool thanks!