DIY Orbeez Stress Ball I Antistress Ball





Introduction: DIY Orbeez Stress Ball I Antistress Ball

Step 1: To Do a Orbeez Waterballs Stressballs You Need!!!

Today I show you how to make Orbeez Waterballs Stressballs and DIY Anti Stress Ball!
Diy Orbeez Stress Ball you will need:
- Orbeez
- Trasparent Balloon
- Water;

Step 2: This Stress Balls Is Super Fun to Play With and Helps to Relieve Stress and Even Exercise the Muscles of Your Hand!

But, if you ARE stressed, angry and anxious - just take this DIY Orbeez Waterballs Stressballs and crumple it! You will feel relief after 30 seconds!

Step 3: To Do a Anti Stress Ball You Need!!!

Anti-stress ball you will need:
- 1 balloon
- Baking Soda
- a paper
- If you want to draw a face on the stress ball - use a permanent marker.

Step 4: Follow My Video Instructions of How to Make Orbeez Waterballs Stressballs and DIY Anti Stress Ball to Understand How to Use All This Stuff.

Good luck! And relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    29 Discussions

    Where can you get Orbeez?

    i whant to make it but i will not be able to:(

    Approximately how many orbeez do you put into one stress ball? I'm doing a project for school and I need to know how many to get!

    Orbeez are at Dollartree where I live. :)

    Orbeez are at Dollartree where I live. :)

    sometimes called water pearls, or water orbs, or any number of things like that
    Basically they are little gell balls, that when they come into contact with water, they can absorb up to 200 times there own weight, and make these jelly like balls

    lots of fun to play with :) but also often used for flower vases, as they can help keep the plant watered for longer

    Ah thank you for the info. Seems like fun that I'll have to try. :)

    this is amazing and easy to make! :)

    walmart sells them in the isile that has all the oils and wax melts there called water beads there and alot of people put the in vases as decoration

    Craft stores have a version used for plants, actually. I've seen them inside ice packs as well but of course that's not the best way to get them.