Step 6: Tips

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- Make sure the planter gets sun from all four sides, or at least as much as possible
- Strawberries are good plants to plant inside
- Try using all-year round plants to keep your planter pretty all year

For people living in apartments, keep the planter steady by putting it in a bucket  or anything else heavy enough to keep it from tipping over and falling (also you can make it a base or stand).

This is my first Instructable so don't be harsh :)
Comments and improvements are always welcomed.
Great project!! I've done similar before-- works Good!

A couple of ideas for increased success and higher yields:

1- A hole saw in an electric drill whizzes right thru the PVC pipe and make pretty holes. It's safe and quicker than a regular drill and jigsaw combo. Iusually use a 2" size, but 1" would work for flowers, herbs, strawberries and small veggies. VAry the size to allow for the number of plants you try to stuff into each hole.

2- keep the botom holes about 36" (or more) above the surrounding soil level to help discourage squrriles.

3- drill some small holes along the side of the pipe and put in some eye hooks to make trellis support points. Then weave some heavy fishing line or sturdy string around to hold up vines full of fruit.

4- I allowed a LOT of room at the top (over 20") as a water resivour- To make a simple trickle watering system, I used 6" pipe for my planters, cut off the bottom of a 2L soda bottle, made some slits around the bottle neck with a small Xacto knife, stuck the bottle up-side-down into the pipe, filled the space with about 2 gallons of Miracle Grow enhanced water (water with a few drops of MG added) and watched it grow like crazy!

I usually only had to water it once a day, even during hot weather.

5- to save $$$, I addes chopped up packing pellets to my soil. It helped to aerate the soil (especially at the bottom) and it made the whole assembly considerably lighter, so it wasn't in much danger of toppling over.

6- If looks are important, you can paint the pipe with FUSION spray paint before filling with soils - maybe not a good idea if you are raising edibles. I kept my veggies pipes white to help reflect the sun and keep the soil temperatuer reasonable.

Not cooking the roots is a good thing...

Thanks for posting this!

elspeth13 years ago
this looks realy nice - but what happens when the plant dies and you have to replace them.....just pull out the old ones and shove some new ones in the vacated hole??
oking3 years ago
For a good stand use 3 T connectors and 4 90deg elbows.

Now you have a stand that you can put plants in also or just fill with sand/water/rocks etc to lower the center of gravity.

Nice idea, good thinking.
FireCGun (author)  oking3 years ago
thank you
i also like your idea of the stand
davie10033 years ago
I like this and will build one, thank you.
FireCGun (author)  davie10033 years ago
thank you
tell me how it goes and if you need any help
Gareee3 years ago
This looks interesting. What garden plants do you recommend other than strawberries and Cucumbers?
FireCGun (author)  Gareee3 years ago
beans, tomatoes, all kinds of peepers, lettuce.
what i did is just take stuff i like think for a few sec if it will work or, talked with my local gardening store.
ironman01043 years ago
You have created a very nice plan. The execution is good. I think the idea of the drip watering system could be used very well. Since the roots would have no compition from other plants they could be very healthy. Please keep writing.