DIY Origami Bells





Introduction: DIY Origami Bells

I needed a break from everyday life and put my new instructions ready.The idea came to me through my post Paper Diamonds with Bells. The folding of the Bells is similar and I need to use my mother pearls!;-)

What we need: The usual suspects: scissors, pliers, compass (or something round) paper wire perls,bell string

Step 1:

Mark the paper with a circle and cut out and fold crosswise. Prepare a 20 cm long piece of wire as in the picture with the bell. The pearl is a stopper which is attached underneath the paper.

Step 2:

Put the wire trough the hole and use the perls above. Then, a small loop with the pliers where you can use the string for hanging.

Step 3:

And here are the hanging bells. Have fun!

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    This is super cute :) Your neighbour would have had a pleasant surprise :)

    They look so cute.. Simple to make too :) Gonna try this one!

    Yes that's right! I made a birthday surprise for my neighbor and decorate her "dead" bush outside!

    These are adorable! I bet they sound pretty cute too :)

    Thank you, I like the sound too! ;-)