Hello everyone.

I love roses, do you like it? If you like, watch this video OR follow all steps ^_^

Let's make an Origami Rose...


Any color Square Paper

(I use 21x21 cm Red A4 Paper)

Color is optional

Step 1: Follow All Numbers of Pictures.. and Fold Your Paper Like Pictures

I share 7 pictures on this step. You can see different numbers on all pictures.

This is fold line.

Fold the paper from lines like the pictures. So..

1st: Fold paper from half
2nd: Fold paper from half of half (fold from 1/4)

and follow all picture and fold from all line ( you can see numbers of fold lines of steps on all picture)


*If you want to watch a video for steps, look at final step...

<p>I really like the way these look - super geometric. :D</p>
<p>This is a great post!</p>
<p>Thank you soooo much, sorry for late reply. I did not see your comment. Thanks </p>

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