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I've always loved ouija boards, I've owned at least 4 of them. I like the look of the wooden handmade ones best; the most popular kind can be purchased at toy stores-- I don't know how I feel about that.

I've decided to make my own, again. My last board was wooden as well, but very plain. I decided to make this one a Halloween themed board. I am the "Haunted Housewife", afterall. Spooky is my style .

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials

    Clicking the links will take you to the exact product on amazon! I get a lot of my supplies from amazon because amazon has the best prices, free shipping and everything comes in one box!

  • Plank of wood (Michael's, 13.99)
  • Wood stain $1
  • Little paint brushes(any! even the cheap ones that come with water colors will do fine!)

For the planchette:

  • rolling pin (optional)
SparkySolar10 months ago

I love this. Thank you


SparkySolar10 months ago

I was told playing Harry Potter Game was evil

to each his own

I like your instructable

agoodguy1 year ago
Get rid of it that stuff is a window to evil. Burn it and focus your talent elsewhere
hauntedhousewife (author)  agoodguy1 year ago

Thanks! I don't use my boards for the intended purpose, just decoration :)

cool !!