Introduction: DIY PBC Vertical Garden

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Create a very Beautiful, and Space Saving Vertical Garden From Recycled PBC Pipes

Step 1: Lets Get Started

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Gather all Needed Materials

You will Need

PBC Pipe with Desired Size

Round Plastic Container that must be fit to plug PBC pipe bottom

Tape Measure, Pentel Pen

Sanding Paper, Metal Saw

Gas Stove, or any Heating Source, Kitchen Gloves

Step 2:

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Measure/Divide Vertical spaces of PBC as Desired and Mark by Pentel

Step 3:

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Measure Desired Slit Length Depending on PBC size, Slits must be done alternately

Step 4:

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Start Sawing all Marked Slits using Metal Saw

Step 5:

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Carefully Soften Area above slit using Stove or Heat Gun, Form a Fist using Kitchen Glove and punch soften area carefully to Create Crevice, Finish all Slits.

Step 6:

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Smooth all rough surfaces using sand paper

Step 7:

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Use the Plastic container to plug PBC bottom press firmly to fit

Step 8:

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Finally Level and fill with garden soil, Enjoy planting...

Step 9:

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agundrum (author)2016-02-21

Don't you mean PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) pipe?

agundrum (author)agundrum2016-02-21

A pretty cool idea. I would wonder about stability after a certain height. You could cut a piece of flat material (plywood or something water resistant) that is double the diameter of the pipe then center and attach the pipe to it. I think there are pipe plugs/caps that

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