Here is the simplest as well as easiest way to make your own pcb drill.
  • M-seal
  • scissors
  • pen refill
  • pcb drill bits, i used 0.8mm carbide steal bit.
  • motor, soldered with 2.1mm DC jack
  • Step 1: Construction

    • cut the refill accordingly
    • insert it into the motor's shaft
    • mix m-seal and fill the gap inside the refill
    • then insert the drill bit, be careful check the alignment
    • leave it for 24hrs to dry

    i used a motor and soldered a dc jack so that it can be run on adapter. My adapter rating is 5v, 500mA.
    If you have any question you can frankly ask to me.
    My contact details:
    email: dishendramishra@gmail.com
    Phone no.: +919013668839

    <p>Nice trick for coupling the bit to motor shaft!</p>
    <p>Cool...!</p><p>Sweet and Simple...:-)</p>
    <p>best idea</p>
    <p>thanks bro. Amazed to have a complement by an indian.</p>