Picture of DIY PCB Drill
In this instructable i m going to show you how to make pcb drill.

Step 1: Matterials

Picture of Matterials
You will need:
soldering iron
old pen
some wires
super glue
bman461 month ago
Does it work well?

Nice work.

john1a1 year ago

IS it sufficient for a low budget CNC mill? It looks better than embedding a (costly) dremel in a CNC build!

Very smart idea. Good instructable!
Gieh (author)  49percentGood2 years ago
Thank you!
probotic2 years ago
what is RPM of motor?
Gieh (author)  probotic2 years ago
Around 4000 RPM, but it can be slower.
raza4me3 years ago
It Very NICE :)
Good Work
keep it up!
Is the motor 12V or 24V?

Nice idea :)

Gieh (author)  sammyrampers3 years ago
Motor is 12V it can also to be 24V