Step 3: Reference Images/ Grab Dimensions

Picture of Reference Images/ Grab Dimensions
Start by measuring the diameter of your lamp's head.  Since this as well as the base are the only things that can't be resized/ scaled, depending for your Luxo Jr. will depend on the size of the diameter of your Lamp's Head.  Everything else the leg sizes, screw lengths, V connectors, spring size should follow.  For instance, the circumference of my lamp's head was 5'', so each of the connecting rods were around 3''. 

The diameter of the head will always be used as the common denominator, when calculating the various size ratios.

For reference, The ratio from Head diameter to Body and Leg rods~ 5 in/ 3.15in

In order to make my lamp as film accurate as possible, I ended up doing a lot of research into Luxo Jr's specific dimensions and size. Also, apart from the head, I knew that the rest of his "legs" from my existing anglepoise lamp could be cut down to scale, in order to fit my needs. I found the below image from Flickr and it was perfect, since it gave a nice structured overlay for entire statue. I printed it out from my computer, did some basic ratios, and roughly estimated that my lamp would stand at around 1/30th the size standing at 1 foot tall.