I recently bought a new camera for SCUBA diving and I decided to save some money on a lighting rig.

I didn't want to pay big bucks to buy a specific arm for my camera and light so I put something together out of PVC. I am using 3/4 inch pvc because that is what I had, but I'm sure 1/2 inch would probably be just as strong and more compact.

UPDATE - I just got some great input from a friend - a mix of 1/2 and 3/4 inch pipe may provide a good opportunity to make this set-up collapsible .

Step 1: Parts List

I wanted to make the angle of the light adjustable as much as possible when under water so I used threaded connections where appropriate. I also had to improvise on one part and use a couple of different junctions where you might get lucky and find the right part and eliminate a couple of the adapters. Also make sure all of these parts are Schedule 40 PVC and NOT FOAM CORE (this will eliminate problems at depth)

You will need:

1 - 1.5 inch 1/4 inch course threaded bolt. (I used Aluminum to avoid deterioration)
1 - male threaded plug
2 - 90 degree elbows. 1 end female threaded, 1 end female slip
3 - couplings. 1 end male threaded, 1 end female slip
1 - 45 degree coupling. both ends female slip
1 - coupling. both ends female threaded
1 - end plug. male slip
1 - length of pvc. I used about 3 feet but you will modify to fit your needs.
1 - hose clamp (big enough to go around a good mount point on your light.)

pvc cement
A drill (3/16 inch drill bit)
a rotary tool to cut a slit in the light mount plug

-UPDATE- just a note, keep in mind that PVC is somewhat negatively buoyant... ok, carry on...
Wouldnt it be easier to mount the camera directly on the lamp, ie, step 3 instead of going into the arm goes into camera (on top the lamp, of course)? that way you can handle the whole setup with one hand.<br>I kept wondering after my last night dive. I'll try it next time.
<p>It's better to have an offset between the light source and the camera. It reduces the amount of backscatter reflection. </p>
imagineering at its best! i'm impressed! love your innovation! and your model too! (hi jdt!)
Thanks! I'm a big fan of my model too :) Excellent smiley snail :)
Awesome! Easy and inexpensive...... in a world of expensive SCUBA gear! This is a great way to save a few$$$$$. Thanks!
Cheap is good!!! :)
Dood, way to go. I really like the new and improved version.
Thanks! It seems to throw out a similar light pattern and is far less clunky.
Cool! Looks really Nice! Well Done!!

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