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The total cost for it was about $40

It uses a twin valve mechanism so it can store up to 12 shots without me having to refill the air in it (it has a small compressor mounted on it not pictured)

It shoots anything you can fit down the 1 inch barrel.

It holds up to 220 PSI but I usually store 80 PSI in it to avoid damage to the seals


aircompressor41 (author)2015-04-16

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benjineering (author)2012-09-17

check out my air cannon

walterh9 (author)2011-05-14

hi i was woundering if any one could explain how this works to me. My airgun i made was alot more simple and it was only a single shot!!!

de0509 (author)walterh92012-01-14

i dont think i can describe it fully in a comment, try see mine. exactly same mechanism but i use a soda bottle, so i cant pump it to 220 psi as this gun here, so its less powerful. only 100 max, but thats enough coz the volume is large and i get more shots before the pressure gets too low. but seeing that your comment here was from last may, i guess you probably had figured out the mechanism already

B00GYman (author)2011-04-29

this is to all you guys that have made one, how do you charge your rifles? and how many shots can you get out of a fully charged gun??, how powerful is the second shot because i would imagin it would only be half as powerful as the first shot

antoman11 (author)B00GYman2011-04-30

My rifle now has it's own portable 12 volt air compressor strapped to the front, with a power lead going into my backpack, where I have a dry cell car battery (1/4 size and weight of normal battery).

The second shot is about 90% power of the first, but still enough to penetrate through sheet metal, with a metal marble. it decreases from about 90% to 70% in the next shots, but all shots but the last 4 (the gun can usually do 12 at 80psi) can go though sheet metal.

pretty damn powerful, and way more now that I have the mini portable compressor

XD AntomanElven.

zipzapper859 (author)2011-03-07

Ha i have made almost the same exact thing. I was going to post a video of it but my video camera wouldn't connect to the computer. But good job. I would recommend have the reserve chamber a little bit bigger pipe. Mine is 1.5 inches. I like how you laid yours out. But i did post pictures of my cannon. That is it.

antoman11 (author)zipzapper8592011-03-08

nice gun, and thanks for the comment. yeah i may have to make it bigger, but when i am firing marbles at 80psi, they all still go 250metres plus.

zipzapper859 (author)antoman112011-03-09

Wow i have a barrel that can't fit marbles(i am assuming you have 3/4 in. PVC pipe where i only have 1/2 in.) but that is ammazing

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