This DIY video will show you how to make a PVC Stabilization bracket for a Gopro or other small-medium sized camera bracket. There is also the possibility to make it slighty larger so you can put a light and a microphone on it.

To make this bracket it will cost you less than 10 USD depending on the place you buy it.

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<p>Wouldn't that be even more stable with the heavier light at the center of gravity and the camera on top? The arrangement you have seems top-heavy, and I don't think switching the light and camera would have any adverse impact on the video.</p>
<p>Thanks for commenting</p><p>I just tried your recommendation and it works very well on the small mount that was being built in the video. However I primarily use the large mount shown at the end of the video, on that mount I only ever really use the mic so when I tried mounting the Gopro instead of the light the mic would be in the shot of the Gopro.</p><p>Thanks for the advice I will use it when I am using the small mount with the light!</p>

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