DIY PVC Pipe Bicycle Trailer (Single Wheel)





Introduction: DIY PVC Pipe Bicycle Trailer (Single Wheel)

Sorry guys! In hindsight, I wish I had taken the measurements on this trailer as I was building. This is my first attempt at making a bicycle trailer.

I saw a lot of different "single wheel" trailers and wanted to build something strictly out of PVC pipe and plastic.

I had the plans in my mind so this whole project was touch and go as far as measurements.

The overall measurements are about 5 feet 7 inches long and 14 inches high at the front. From the base of the wheel to the top of the fender frame it's about 25 inches tall.

Step 1: PVC Bending Jig...

I used a Heat Gun to heat the PVC pipe for the curves I needed. I made a jig to do this. I used screws and plywood. Wear gloves when holding it it place to cool!
This part takes a little patience as you don't want to burn (yellow) the pipe.

Step 2:

The piece that the wheel attaches to, I heated the pipe and pressed a 1x2 piece of wood to flatten the pipe.

I bought 2pcs Stainless steel bushings to insert into the PVC wheel mount to reduce friction wear.

I used 1/2 PVC pipe for the upper framing. The floor base frame is 1" PVC pipe...

I have not glued it yet but after some minor tweaking, I'll finish it and update this instructable.

The Skin...

As soon as I get some, I'll be riveting Coroplast (corrugated plastic 4' X 8' X 4mm) as the skin for the floor, sides and wheel fender. Home Depot sells sheets for about $13.

Fittings I used are as follows...
- 2pcs - 1" 90° Elbows
- 4pcs - 1" 45° Elbows
- 1pcs - 1" 4-way fitting
- 5pcs - 1" T's
- 10pcs - 1" to 1/2" T's

- 2pcs - 1/2" 90° Elbows
- 8pcs - 1/2" 45° Elbows
- 2pcs - 1/2" 4-way fitting
- 8pcs - 1/2" T's

Hope this gives ya'll some good ideas on building your own trailer! Again, sorry this incomplete.

If you have any questions, I'll try and get back to you soon...



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    How much weight can it carry?

    I would like a picture of the bushings with the wheel fitted if that's possible. Also, please show and explain your hitch.

    Looks Great! Is t strong or does it rorate when it is loaded?

    This looks really good! Could you provide details about the hitch you are using to connect to your bike?

    This looks cool. I'm curious to see the full details when it is completed.. I hope you'll update! :)

    I'm wondering about the bottom. Will you be adding a board of some kind to create a "floor" to load gear onto?

    This looks really impressive, especially because you made it with PVC.