Hi, yet another pvc project.

This time im with an cool pvc speaker .Recently i made an powerful 7.1 and there where lack of an center speaker

so i decided to make an center speaker with pvc's,

please go threw pictures and ask me if you have questions.

Step 1: Parts Needed

Here im using all 75mm(2.5 inch) pvc.

  • length (for joining elbow to T)
  • 2 - elbows
  • 1 -T
  • Reducer
  • 1 - Tweeter speakers
  • 2 - Speakers (i used 10w)
  • Any epoxy compound

Step 2: Preparation

First make two holes for air vents and fix a small piece of pvc pipe this will results clean bass.

And make another small holes for speaker wire

Then glue speakers and seal the remaining gaps with epoxy

Step 3: Finalizing

Do speaker connection ,(i made this speaker as center speaker for my home made 7.1 system so i connected those

3 speakers in parallel )

Then assemble everything together ,paint it it you want.

Step 4: Result / Other Stuffs

Seriously result is just amazing, sound is crystal clear "especially vocals " air vents on back are really working well

getting good mid volume thats good for center speakers.

So i started few more pvc speakers projects


<p>You've connected 3 speakers in parallel. Maximum how many speakers can be connected in parallel. Is there any calculations? </p>
<p>great instructable! what input did you use?</p>
<p>o\p from desktop.</p>
<p>Nice job mi amigo! I'm going to try and track down some Bose brand speakers to add the my PRO Klips 7.2 with 8 bass shaker setup. I'm looking for that extra high, crystal clean sound and my system would be better than the Omini set up. Thanks again!</p>
<p>Gracias! All the best!</p>
<p>Thinking about making one of these, though I will probably add bluetooth and maybe make it waterproof </p>
<p>waw. in indonesia, kreatif. </p>
<p>I like your idea</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Great idea and Great one....</p><p>I will try it...</p>
<p>Thanks!! all the best :)</p>
<p>I am thinking of doing a pvc speaker as well, but not yet. So I am collecting ideas and tips for speakers, and since I started, all the DIY speaker are seal tight without air ventilation, because they said it made a better sound, but now I see your's and I have to ask. Should I put air ventilation? Why? I mean I don't get how it works to improve the sound. <br>THANKS</p>
<p>Even i had that same doubt . so i tried both with and without vents ,for me with vents sounds better .(will give more mid and low frequency )<br>And dont put simply holes as vents ,insert an small pvc as shown in image.<br><br></p><p>http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_5_2/cmilleressayporting.html</p>
<p>Thanks for the reply, but as you can see above, my enclosure is not made to have air ventilation, so I probably won't put them. Maybe in another project, I wish. Thanks for the info anyway =)</p>
<p>Thanks mate, I think I won't need the air ventilation, because i got the speakers from a base without air ventilation. Plus, the body I have for my project isn't big enough to let the air reach the cone from the back.<br>Thanks again, and if I feel like I need answers, I'll do as you say and post it in the questions =D</p>
<p>Where did you get your speakers from and what size are they?</p>
<p>I brought it from a shop ,its 3inch woofer speaker</p>
<p>That is so awesome, and so much cheaper than the store bought ones! </p>
si es de verdad
<p>Yeah! Thanks:)</p>

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