Picture of DIY PVC Tripod
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Things that you will be needing:

1. 1"       pvc pipe                X        2.5ft
2. 1/2"    pvc pipe                X        5ft
3. 1"       pvc cap                  X        1
4. 1/2"    pvc cap                  X        5
5. 1/2"    pvc cross T           X        1
6.  small nuts & bolts         X        2     (don't know the exact measurements, but it should be of the size co that your camera should
                                                                      be secure)
7.  large nuts & bolts          X        2
8.  Epoxy
9.  power drill

First, cut 1/2" pvc pipe with length measurements:
6" length   X   4 ( for its base ) 
3ft length  X   1 ( remaining )

Then, take 1/2" cross T & 1" cap, Drill a hole in the centre of the cap & cross T & fix them together with the small nut and bolt.

Take 1" pipe and drill a hole in the upper part of the pipe. Hole should be of the size so that the nut would fix in the hole. Secure that bolt using epoxy.

Take 1/2" cap, Drill a hole in it, enough that you could secure a small nut & bolt in it.

Attach the base legs, ( Fix them if you want to.. using pvc glue )

And YOU are done!!
Very interesting, even though it clearly has 4 feet, and so is not really a TRIpod.
rimar20002 years ago
Very interesting idea!
Kiteman2 years ago
This is great, but would be easier to understand if you made it step-by-step.