This rustic looking serving tray is sure to add some style to your home. This tray is easy to make, cheap, and looks great. Follow these easy steps to make a serving tray that people will wonder where they can get one just like it.

Step 1: Cut Your Pieces of Wood From the Pallet.

- Cut three 28" pieces for the bottom pieces

- Cut two 9" pieces for the side pieces

Step 2: Sand Edges and Stain Wood

- Sand down the edges of all the pieces of wood

- If desired, stain wood to desired color or tone

Step 3: Align Pieces and Nail Together

- Align all pieces as shown in picture

- Glue and nail pieces together

Step 4: Add Handles

- Add desired handles to the sides of the tray

- Enjoy your amazing creation!

<p>That's beautiful :) I love projects with reclaimed wood!</p>

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