Picture of DIY Butterfly Smiley Stickers

I've made these paper butterfly stickers (with smiley faces) about a year ago, but didn't realize how cute they are until some of my friends told me!
You can make these for the little ones, use'em as home decor, express how you feel (with the smiley faces), for scrap-booking, collage art and so much more. If anyone is sad or hurt, the sad smiley butterfly really helps! they're sooo adorable that you won't feel sad while they're around!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed

Things you'll need to make the paper butterfly:-

1) Colorful crafting paper,
2) Scissor,
3) Glue and
4) Double-sided tape,
5) Pen.

Step 2: Making the Wings

Picture of Making the Wings

I used two different colors for the wings ( upper and lower ). Cut any one of the craft papers for the upper part of the wing as shown in the second picture of this step. Make small even folds on the paper horizontally. Similarly, cut and fold another craft paper for the lower part of the wing, but this time use a different color and make sure that the lower part of the wing is slightly smaller than the upper part.

Step 3: Joining both Wings

Picture of Joining both Wings

Cut out 4 pieces of papers as shown in the picture. 2 for the antennas, 1 for wrapping both wings together and 1 for the body (respectively).

Hold both wings together, squeeze them on the center. Apply glue on the thin paper and neatly wrap it around the center of the wings.

Step 4:

Picture of

Twirl the 2 thin paper pieces to make the antennas and draw a cute smiley face on the body part.

Glue the antennas with the body and then glue the body on the middle of the wings.

Step 5: Stickers!

Picture of Stickers!

Attach a both side sticky tape on back of the butterfly.

Now you can stick these cute butterflies anywhere you want. Kids love it, I can tell... because I've made dozens of these for my little cousins.

Happy crafting!