DIY Paper Craft Toy Car Kit





Introduction: DIY Paper Craft Toy Car Kit

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Sorry for shamelessly posting it here.

I made this small DIY kit for kids.

This is a toy car without any moving parts.

Children can glue it or parents can make it fro them.

Children can draw on them and also paint them.

The final output can be a part of school project.

Step 1: Outputs

These are some of the outputs of the DIY kit which I distributed to kids in my neighbourhood.

Step 2: Future Toy

This is a train DIY kit. I am in the process of finalizing the parts and will be out soon.



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    Hard paper. known as Model paper.

    I know you can't really give out the files when you're making this a business, but it would be cool if you included step-by-step instructions to build it.

    Very nice. But can you download it or do you have to buy it somewhere?

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    I am personally making them. Will have the site up soon. I would have loved to give the pdf but it will be a complex task if it is a cut and glue thing. Instead I am giving this as glue only thing.