Mini Project #3: DIY Paracord Dispenser





Introduction: Mini Project #3: DIY Paracord Dispenser

Hi Instructables community,

on day three of this weeks Mini Projects I'm showing you a little life hack to organize your paracord if you are not using spools.

I use this method mostly to organize pieces of paracord of a few meters/yards length that are left over from other projects.

With this method you will have quick access to your cord whilst avoiding tangling and knots.

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Take care & stay safe

Cheers Alex

Step 1: What Do You Need?

You will need the following materials:

  1. An empty plastic bottle (e.g. from a fruit smoothie) with a screw-on bottle cap - This size depends on the length of the cord you want to store in it.
  2. Paracord/550 Cord leftovers

And tools:

  1. A hammer or drill
  2. A 6mm (1/4 Inch) hole punch - Or equivalent drill bit
  3. A work surface (e.g. wooden cutoff)

Step 2: Punch the Hole

Place the bottle cap on your work surface and place the hole punch in the center. Use your hammer to punch a hole through the cap.

Step 3: Filling the Bottle

Insert one end of the paracord into the hole in the lid. Continue to feed in the cord and shake the bottle every now and then to fill gaps. Once you are finished tie a simple knot in the end to prevent the cord from slipping into the bottle.

Step 4: You Are Done

You can now pull out cord when you need some and if you are using a clear bottle you will be able to see how much cord is left. If you use the type of bottle cap as shown in the video you will have a waterproof paracord container for outdoor use.

Happy making.



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    Great idea for storing paracord in a backpack. I keep 50' yank of cord in mine. Thanks for the idea. Made one but don't have picture at this time.

    Hi dragonios, thanks for reading, commenting and trying it out.

    Cheers Alex

    Nice idea. I hadn't thought of this use even though I made something very similar for storing and dispensing saucer-wire.

    Hi galluog, thanks.

    Cheers Alex

    I've done something similar with a small liquid laundry detergent bottle. I thought surely the cord would tangle but I have your assurance that it will work. Since my container isn't clear I tied a sample around the handle. Thanks!


    Hi TerminusVox, thanks a lot for reading my Instructable and giving it a try. When I saw this storage method for the first time I also though that it would surely tangle which led me to try it out. So far I never had any problems with tangled cord.

    Cheers Alex


    you have an interesting mind.

    My paracord always gets tangled up. I'll be sure to try this when I get some more of it.

    Hi CorgiCritter, go ahead even if you have just a few meters/yards of paracord.

    Let me know how this works for you.

    Cheers Alex