This is a fairly simple Instructable on making a cute hair pin. You can use the beading technique here to make other cute accessories. The beads used don't need to be the same as the ones I used - as long as they have big enough openings for your wire. The list of materials is available in the next step. Feel free to ask any questions.

Step 1: Materials for Beaded Hair Pin

  • Beading Wire .45mm
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Beads
    • Pearl Bead
    • Small Beads for around the Pearl¬† (the size is up to you - as long as the opening is big enough to allow the beading wire in and out a couple times)
    • The turquoise beads I used were glass aqua beads 3x6mm in size - anything will work fine
    • Some other larger beads that will go next to the aqua beads
  • Hair Pin
  • Some other flexible wire that you can use to attach the finished piece to the hair pin
Love this. I have so many ideas from this tutorial, will share. <br>Thanks so much.<br>Jackie
sooo cute! can I use plastic thread rather than beading wire? I'd love to make some beaded hairpin, love hair accessories!
If anyone needs to know how to make a c clip holder, look at my instructable:)
Thank you!!!
That is adorable
Thanks so much syndeyhauss :)
wow...!!thats beautiful... :) I am definitely making this today...wohoo I got something to do in my holidays.. :D thanks for posting..
Thank you so much! :)
Holly! I love this! I am definitely going to be making quite a few! <br>Thanks for the amazing tutorial, as usual! :)
Thanks Nat - you're sweet! I Just checked out your blog miss - WOW you are one creative and busy woman! I love all the stuff you're making. I also love your latest post - can't wait! It'll be on tonight! :) Wish we were neighbors - it would be so much fun! I keep thinking about that adorable cape - as I am completely freezing all the time now (in Wisconsin - coldest weather now I've ever been in this winter)...so I want to make a cozy version of it and I'll let you know when I do! Take care! Can't wait to see what you make next!

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