Step 3: Soak

Find a relaxing place to work. Get comfy.

Fill your tub with warm water and a small amount of bubbles or salts.

Lay towel down in front of comfortable chair, and place tub on top

Spread flower petals on surface for extra glam points.

Keep treats nearby.

Relax and soak until the water gets cold!
i agree with the relaxing beverage being an integral part of a pedicure: unbeknown to me (who never, ever goes to a salon, but desperately needed some attention to my heels) i got my feet into the tub and realized it made me feel incredibly claustrophobic! could have really used that BV pinot in that emergency situation! <br> <br>it was a tough 10 minutes... ;)
I was told at a beauty school once that rolling the nail polish bottle between your hands rapidly ensures more even mixing than shaking it. Easier to do, too! :)
I've always exfoliated immediately after soaking. I usually do this while in the bath tub, or after a shower (when I don't have time to soak). I start with a pumice stone, then finish up with a foot file. It creates a smoother finish than the pumice alone would provide, much like the technique you use to sand wood (starting with the rougher paper and moving down to smoother paper). It seems like a waste of lotion to apply it to the dead skin on the surface, when the water from your foot bath should be sufficient lubricant. Every time I've had a professional pedicure, they soak my feet, remove them from the water, push back and trim cuticles, exfoliate, then moisturize. After all of that, they use a tiny bit of nail polish remover to eliminate the oils/ lotion from the nail surface before applying polish.
Mmmmm, that looks nice.
The headlamp is practical, but entirely too funny. ;)

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