DIY Peg Mini-Gun





Introduction: DIY Peg Mini-Gun

Make a very simple mini-gun from a regular clothes-peg. You can do it in few minutes. The gun is quite powerful and can shoot up to 5 meters. Be careful and don't shoot into living creatures.

Step 1: What You Need

- clothes-peg
- knife
- file (not necessary)
- thread
- toothpick (as a bullet)

Step 2: Disassambling the Peg

Disassemble a peg and cut with a knife red parts as shown on the pictures.

Step 3: Cutting a Gunpoint

With a file make two furrows in the peg parts. They will create a gunpoint.

Step 4: Assembling the Gun

Join two parts of a peg with a thread (or any rope or tape) and insert spring as shown on a picture.

Step 5: Ready to Shoot

Cock a gun as shown, insert a toothpick and you are ready to shoot.



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    49 Discussions

    The "gunpoint" would actually be a barrel, just sayin'

    Wow how did you come up wiv that

    ive made these before and made needle darts by stripping the ends of an earbud (one with a hollow stick) and wrapping the pin in masking tape before inserting into the earbud stick with a lot of glue...these were quite effective...possibly could be used to administer poison.


    Yes. It is possible to make one of these that shoots out of the pointed end instead of the blunt end. Just reverse the firing mechanism. I don't really know if it is more efficient. Personally I would be fine with either one. I would probably want a plastic/rubber grip around the whole thing, except for the mechanism. Make it look like a REAL ballistic knife by painting the thing a dark grayish tone, adding a more concealed/realistic look.

    I found that if you extend the peg by cutting it a little longer you a slight bit more of power and range. due to the fact that your trigger (spring) has a little bit more time to speed up propelling your projectiles (tooth pick or matchs). you can always try this and experiment with it

    where do you get the files

    Link to the video how to make it:

    Dam! I stuffed up, instead of putting the gunpoint where it is in the pictures i put it the opposite.
    Will it still work and how do you put the spring on?

     great instructable!!! wish i had some clothes pins to make it though... :'(