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Introduction: DIY Pencil Roll Case

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I am an Artist from Chennai.When I was looking for a pencil case in online I found it very costly ( $23).So I decided to do it by myself with the scrap leathers lying around in my home.

Step 1: Materials

Trust me,I made this pencil case without spending a single penny.All that you need is,

1.Scrap leather

2.Sewing needle and Thread

3.Paper Cutter

Step 2: Measuring, Marking & Cutting

Measure and cut the leather in the form of a rectangle depending upon number of tools required and their length.I have taken 44cm x 22cm.

Give a cross cut at the edges so that it will look so better.

Step 3: Making Loopholes

Take a longer strip of leather double than the horizontal length ( approximately 88cm ) of the base leather and height of about 2.5cm and stitch it to form a loophole for inserting the tools.

Stitch a thin strip at the end for tying a knot

Now insert the tools and enjoy rolling it ;)



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    buy a box instead :P.. Anyways I doubt it's reliability in the long term

    Never mind damage to the pencil tips when they hit the inside of a wooden box, the pencil cores will also break (inside of their wood exteriors) when they get tossed around. High quality pencils are worth protecting. :-)

    I am trying to do this for my knives, any idea where could I possibly buy leather?

    I used scrap leather.Try Car seat cover manufacturing unit or Hand bag manufacturing unit

    Perfect for my sister, who loves art

    This looks like a fun project.

    Could you give us some more detail on how you made it? What weight of leather did you use? Did you hand stitch or use a sewing machine. How did you manage to make the loops just the correct size to keep the pencils snug?

    Very professional job.

    U can use any scrap leather.I used a leather used to make car seats,and handbags.and to make a loop,I kept a pencil inside and stitched it over.Similarly I did for eraser.U can also use elastic bands for loops as an alternative for leather.

    Perhaps some pictures of the process of making this would make your instructable more comprehensible.

    When you sew the loops on the sewing machine, with the pencil in, for measurement, how is it possible to stitch close enough to keep the pencil snug?

    I kept the pencil inside and made a mark with a pencil.simple