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Introduction: DIY Pendant Light - GardenFork.TV Sponsored Video

I built this vintage pendant light, or hanging lamp, after see just how expensive these lights are. I bought the parts on eBay and will list out the parts and sources below. This video is sponsored by eBay, but all opinions are my own.

I bought the parts for this pendant light from two sources, Snake Head Vintage and The Stone Door . Buying the parts yourself allows you to customize a pendant lamp so it looks how you want it to.

The video outlines how to make a pendant lamp, one precaution, if this is to be used in a wet location like a bathroom, the lamp should use a grounded cord and be connected to a GFCI.

Black Twisted Rayon Covered Wire
Ceiling Canopy Hardware Mount Kit for ceiling canopy

Brass 2 1/4" shade fitter

Metal Strain Relief - Nickel

Nickel Turned Brass Light Socket Metal Dome Lamp Shade

The cloth covered wire unwinds easily, take care to keep it twisted while working with it. its best to use some tape on the wire ends to get it through the various hardware.

Let me know what you think, thx, eric.



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I don't see a video link... :-(

I want to make this, but I don't see the metal dome cover on either eBay site. Please let me know where to find them. Thanks!!

Very nice video, a pleasure to watch. What was the cost difference between your light and the one you did not buy? Also is there a way to truly make a light from something that is not a light shade to begin with - such as a collender, a watering can, an old whatever? What would that thingy be called that would connect to the circle thing that went around the flangy part of your shade? Thank you.

Good looking lamp!