Hello everyone! Following you will find instructions on how to print and make your own penny wrappers. I found an instructable for quarter wrappers, but no penny. I think most of us wrap pennies more often than other change, so I decided to make a print-off. While mine may not be near as fancy as the quarter template, it is easy on ink and a cheap way to wrap those pennies!! I have also included a "pretty" template, for those wanting a more stylish wrapper. ;0) This document is in Word 2007 format, I apologize ahead of time for anyone that can't use this format, however I believe there are online document converters you can use for free to convert it into the format you need. 

Step 1: Download and Print Template

Download the template located at the bottom of this instructable. I have also uploaded this same document to google docs, easily findable with the search term Penny Wrappers. Print out your template on any paper type.  

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