DIY Personal Assistant ESPSMS Using Esp8266 12e




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Introduction: DIY Personal Assistant ESPSMS Using Esp8266 12e

About: I am trying to learn as many things as possible in this field of electronics. And further trying to teach in as simple way as possible.

You must be knowing about the smart assistants existing in the market like Google Now, SiRi, Alexa etc.

Do you know how they all work?????.

and further

Do you know how to make similar assistants of our own????

Have a look to this instructable to know all this.....
You'll enjoy this project

Step 1: Intro Video on What Our Assistant ESPSMS Can Do

ESPSMS is actually the name of our assistant which is still in learning age.

I have made a Intro video on what is this assistant, what it will do, and and how do I got this idea of making one.

Step 2: A Blog on How All the Assistant Works and How ESPSMS Will Work

I have already written a blog on this topic. I have attached the link of the same. Read this blog full of interesting information. And wait for the episodes on this topic.



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    It's a spot, not an instructable...