Picture of Recycled Personalized Cups

I'm gonna show you how to make a Personilised cup, with anything you want printed on it, for free, using recycled materials. Please vote, favourite & have fun!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

For this project were going to be basing this on a starbucks Seattle Latte cup. You can base it on any cup you want, but you will need 2 cups unless you use the seattle latte cup ( 1 cup for template, one for actual drinking).

You're also going to need:

Some clear stickyback plastic (just under a4 size),

A sheet of a4 plain paper

Some thicker a4 card (2 sheets of a4 plain will do)


rickyeatough (author) made it!1 year ago

Been drinking from it all day... Works amazingly! Cool gifts for friends? :D

Eldalote1 year ago

This is brilliant!! :)

Clever! I'm making one very soon :)

rickyeatough (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz1 year ago

Great! I've been using it to drink from on my desk - And one of the best things is that if you spill it, not much comes out because of the lid, and it doesnt shatter! Don't forget to upload Images - I'm sure yours will be amazing :D

ecsaul231 year ago

great idea! Love the Instructables theme too. Voted

rickyeatough (author)  ecsaul231 year ago


I have loads of ideas for new projects on instructables, and having a laser cutter is definitely gonna enable me to build them!! :D

Nice! I agree with Penolopy.