This collection is dedicated to DIY pest control techniques. In this day and age, it can get very expensive hiring an exterminator to eliminate a pest problem. Especially when dealing with resilient critters like bed bugs or ants. These Instructables were created to aid the helpless victims facing pest control nightmares. You can successfully eradicate almost any infestation by yourself if you have the proper guidance.
Best ways to keep a snake out of your yard (naturally)!
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The best way to get fleas off of your pet and keep them away from good!
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How to eliminate fleas that are hiding in your carpet - Safe, natural and very effective!
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Natural tips for getting rid of pesky little black ants in your home.
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Here is a natural recipe to repel bed bugs
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Here are some great tips on how to get rid of mice. Eliminating mice from your house is the perfect pest control project to do yourself. Peppermint oil is a great alternative to using mouse traps, repellents or poisons. Watch this short video to learn how to use peppermint oil to get rid of rodents.
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This instructable is about how to get rid of flies. We all have had one of these annoying insects buzzing around our house or yard. Here are some DIY pest control tips to help you get rid of flies once and for all!
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Everyone hates bed bugs! Here is a guide to treating bed bug bites. There is always collateral damage when it comes to dealing with pesky insects. Use these tips for instant relief.
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Here is a quick little DIY guide to dog repellents. If you are trying to keep dogs away from certain areas of your yard, then here is your solution. This falls slightly outside of pest control but it is closely related.
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DIY pest control guide on how to detect bed bugs. Before eliminating an infestation, you need to properly diagnose it first. Bed bugs are commonly mistaken for other insects. Use this guide to make sure you are actually dealing with bed bugs before you take steps to kill them.
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