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How to make a working quirky and attractive phone holder with all that spare junk you don't need!

Step 1: You Will Need:

Toilet roll.
Washi tape/paint/decorations.
Push pins/marbles.

Step 2: MEASURE!

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Measure the phone and draw a rectangle in the top with a few extra milimetres added on.

Step 3: CUT!

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Cut out the rectangle with scissors or a craft knife.


Picture of DECORATE!

Cover the roll in decoration. I chose washi tape for this. :-) :-)

Step 5: CUT!

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With the washi tape covering the hole you want to put your phone in, you're gonna need to cut it.
Get the end of your scissor blade in there and trim it all away.

Step 6: You See Me Rollin'!

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If you haven't already noticed, it is a cylinder. Therefore, it will roll away or fall on the phone's poor face. *SOLUTION* Add feet! I didn't have push pins which are commonly used... But... I did have spare marbles! I taped them on the bottom...


By now, it should be finished!


Captain Tight-Pants (author)2017-07-04

But in the end it's just a toilet paper roll right? Thought so.

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