DIY Phone Charger





Introduction: DIY Phone Charger

Welcome, today I'll show you how to make phone charger

Step 1: Beautiful Appearance, Safety and Power Supply

We'll neeAlso it would be desirable that the box is made of plastic to prevent a short circuitd a box in which we can settle our charger and cable which will serve as a power supply.

Step 2: Low Voltage Power Supply

In this step, we will lower the voltage of 220V (Europe) or 110V (America) to 6V and Max. 200mA. Then we obtained voltage transformer to stabilize using the voltage stabilizer to 5V. Also obtained voltage on the transformer have to turn in one direction.

Step 3: The Necessary Components for Voltage Stabilizer

Now you will see what are the components necessary for voltage stabilizer


-capacitor 22nF

-electrolytic capacitor 25V 100uF

-diode bridge about 50V 1 or 2A

-voltage stabilizer KA7805


Step 4: Scheme

Step 5: Assembly

I put in a box all you need. But the box was a bit shorter so I added that this sheet is extended. In my case I put the plate on the side of the transformer where the voltage of city power grid, so I was careful and well insulate contacts to avoid short-circuiting. In case the YOU DO THE SAME OR SIMILAR AND ANY ELECTRICAL SHOCK YOU ASSUME THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR NO EFFORT, so please isolate GOOD SERVICE AT TRANSFORMER which connects to the city network. PCB with images I did not soldered PCB I got a little got done, beautified. Eventually it will be seen and you see what it looks like the final solder. It would also be desirable to put a fridge in the KA7805.

Step 6: Paintwork

I used black spray because the black box

Step 7: Videos

Videos on my channel on Youtube.

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    Jesi li probao izmjerit izlazni napon? 7805 treba barem 7v da smanji na 5v a i vecina mobitela zahtjeva preko 0.5A

    4 replies

    jesam. 6V je na izlazu trafoa a posle stabilizatora je 4,09V. A to koliko koji telefon zahteva je nebitno, uglavnom sto je veca struja to se telefon brze puni, u mom slucaju za 1% baterije treba imedju 5-10minuta dok kod regularnog punjaca za 1% treba 1minut. Ne znam da li si pogledao video na youtube tamo imas deo klipa u kome ces videti merenje struje i napona za ovaj punjac. Link

    Na neki nacin je bitno
    Ako iz 7805 vuces 1A preko njega ce bit pad napona skoro 2.5v
    Nije bas pametno punit mob s 4.09 jer puna baterija je na 4.2 al za usb svijetla,ventilatore i slicno je dobro
    Cijeli sklop trosi dosta energije u toplinu pa bi bilo pametno stavit neki hladnjak
    A i trafo bi bilo dobro stavit neki od 7-8V barem 1A

    Razumem ja sve to ali ja sam ovo dobio od skole da sredim i napravim video, pa reko da stavim i ovde. Sve sto ste rekli je tacno i ja bi isto to uradio i bilo bi mnogo bolje. Ali posto sam dobio od skole skoro gotovo nisam ni mogao da mnogo preuredim.

    Bitno da radi :D

    Good project, Srpska. I am reading the other replies. What is your language? Serbian? Czech? Thank you. I am interested. Pozdrav...Gary

    1 reply

    How about studying, so you could write your thought streams more clearly? I experienced hard times when I was trying to understand what you mean. If you are unable to write clearly, please do not attempt to write technical descriptions, especially fooling around lethal voltages. Please.

    1 reply

    For my 1st instructables I think its good, ofcorse we learn on mistakes. In future I will watch that somebody helps me with translate, because idk too good english. This message was translated by my friend. And instructables were translated by google translate.

    it seems that pins of 7805 are too near to avoid short circuit. It may not be necessary in USA(COLD COUNTRY)but in india where temp can soar to 45 c in summer, it is necessary to put a small heatsink..

    The pcb quality shown is very poor. The pcb tracks also act as a heat sink so the solder areas of 7805 pins should be larger. It can be done bending middle pin like inverted L. To do that hold all the 3 pins firmly near plastic part of 7805 by a nose plier. Then bend the middle pin in 90 degrees in front (better). Now shift the nose plier to bend, hold firmly and bend the middle pin through 90 degrees but in opposite direcion (no doubt the pcb layout will have to change). Now you can have larger pcb pads. So electrial contact will be good, no possibility of short circuit, heat will be carried away through pcb tracks and 7805 will remain cool.

    Naopako ti na šemi stoji elektrolit i ne treba da bude tranzistor nego stabilizator napona. Vidi neka ti neko (osim Google translate-a) prevede tekst. Pozdrav, Zoran