Introduction: DIY Photo Booth With $10 Cardboard Shell and Wifi Printing and Sharing

Quick tutorial on how to build a simple photo booth using a standard light stand, cardboard box, DSLR and Flassh photo sharing software.

This tutorial shows how to build a semi-professional photo booth that sends images to an online gallery and to a wireless printer. Having the ability to print so effortlessly will surely be a hit at your next party or get together.

Materials needed:

1. Light stand [] 2. Cardboard box 3. Windows Tablet [] 4. Any wireless printer 5. Flassh Co software []

Step 1:


MyDuyenN (author)2017-09-21

Hi iamjoshgreen, could you tell me where you got that white cardboard box?

LeahJ23 (author)2017-07-12

Really nice build! I like the way it looks and how simple it is. Could you provide dimensions for the box/where to cut the windows for camera and tablet?

ngs340 (author)2017-03-03


AMAZING DIY!Is there anyway you can email the video?

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