Introduction: DIY Photo Frame

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This instructable will help you in making a photo frame using paper.

Step 1: Tools Required

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  1. Glue
  2. Scissor
  3. Pencil
  4. Ruler
  5. Cellotape
  6. Cutter

Step 2: Materials Required

  1. Paper
  2. Photo
  3. Rod File
  4. Cardboard

Step 3: Making the Frame

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Cut out a rectangular piece of paper such that its sides are 3 centimeters longer than the sides of the photo.

Now, place the photo at the center of the paper, fold the bottom and the sides and stick them together using cellotape.You may remove the top edge, but don't stick it with the other sides if you want to change photos.

Tip: Use Gift wrapping paper or any other colorful paper to make the frame look attractive.

Step 4: Making the Stand/holder

Picture of Making the Stand/holder

Take the rod of the rod file (see image), insert the photo frame inside.

Cut a piece of the rod, make sure that the piece is longer than the frame (this would help you to use frames of a bigger size).

Now, cut a rectangular piece of cardboard which has breadth = 5 centimeter and length must be longer than or equal to the rod's length.

Cover the cardboard piece with paper and paste the rod on it.

Step 5: Making the Stopper

Picture of Making the Stopper

You must have noticed that frame can easily topple over the wrong side.

To stop this we shall make a stopper from paper.

Roll(or fold) a piece of paper and insert it inside the rod, now insert the frame.

You have made the photo frame!!

Tip: You can also use a pencil as a stopper(see image).


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