Step 2: Computer Setup

Here's what you need for the "brains" of the photobooth:
- Computer
- Digital Camera w/ USB remote control capability
- Printer (preferrably for photoprinting)
- User Interface/Controller
- Money Collection Unit *** Optional and not used in this project

I have researched the topic extensively prior to this post so I can tell you there are two main ways to approach digitally constructing a photobooth.

Type 1: This process uses a Mac Mini as the main computer (PIMP) and a digital video camera to capture the photos. The article is entitled an Embedded View of the Mac Mini. This process is cool but the pictures usually come out somewhat poor quality (esp. when compared to pics taken from a digital CAMERA) But I'm sure someone with better programming skills than me can find some open-source camera control program and mess with it to work with macs.

Type 2: This type uses a PC and digital camera to preform the photobooth tasks. Type 2 is the one that I will be explaining in this tutorial. I purchased a program called Photoboof that basically runs the entire process. The program has a lot of features that you can customize (such as adding a second screen, skinnable printouts for logos, etc) You will also have to purchase PSRemote. This is the camera control program, currently only for a select number of CANON cameras. Photoboof also adds control to a number of other non-canon cameras so check there for the most recent updates. The forum is great help too.

So the user sequence for either type is pretty simple. The person sits inside the booth, pushes a button or two, the digital camera/camcorder takes the photo, the computer processes the photo, and the photoprinter prints out a copy for the user. In the mean time, the computer saves the photos on its harddrive, both in its original form and its "photostripped" form. The computer then has the opition to send photos via web server to an online website or another computer. However, for my project, I opted not to have the computer connect to the internet to send images. This was for both practicality (I'd have to manually log the computer into CMU wireless network every couple of hours) and because the grant organization rather me keep the identities of the users private and not published online.
vigorotaku4 years ago
Very good ideas here! Check out another example Photo Booth from a recent wedding at http://vigorotaku.blogspot.com/ November 1st. It was a lot of fun and a really big hit! I have some diagrams of what I use with explanations and an example pic.
The specific link is here
shemartin4 years ago
Hi there I am extremely interested in paying someone to build me a custom photobooth for my upcoming wedding. I would like something nice that doesn't cost a wwwhhhole lot of money. Please email me at sglorym@netscape.net
picsbylc5 years ago
I am in the process of making something similar and was wondering if you could tell me more about the equipment and how it is hooked up.  Just more detailed information on your setup process and the equipment that you used.
hi whta kind of software can i use for windows (w98,wme,w2000,wxp(home or pro ,W vista W seven ). beacuase i dont have a mac pc...i am user of a pc ....or if is possible mount linux and doit....thanks for the response, and have a nice day
I was wondering what type of camera you would recommend using in the booth. Is it easier to use Digial SLRs or Point-and-Shoots?
johndoringo7 years ago
im looking forward to make same thing! but i hope you can help me more. I want a Diagram layout & specs how to connect the "push button" to Cam to PC to printer. Is it ok if you share this to me. (step by step) Or is there any available free program that the whole process are touch screen with/out "push button" thing. thanks.
remyzero78 years ago
Regarding Type 1, there's a good open-source program called gphoto2 that you can compile for the Mac. Be warned that this will take some slightly advanced Mac/UNIX/command line skills. It's compatible with some 800+ digital cameras, I even got it to pull pics off of the $4 windows-only keychain camera that iPhoto couldn't detect.