Step 7: Finishing Touches/ Conclusion

Picture of Finishing Touches/ Conclusion
I stained the photobooth a dark brown to give it a cool vintage feel.

I also purchased a slave flash that could be triggered by a camera's flash. It was only $20-30 brand new, I bought it off of ebay for $10.

Here were some problems I ran into:
- The solenoids were often too weak to push the button. Either that or the braces I made for them to stand over the printer and camera were too weak. Anyhow, that part of my booth failed and I had to open it up everyday to manually turn on the printer and camera. Here's where I got the idea from.
- My printer ran out of ink/paper every 100 photostrips. The problem was, I had to go to class and couldn't constantly check. Checking would also cause me to open up the booth from the back which was a hassel. I wanted to install some type of counter or sensor but this too was sacraficed for time.

I don't want to explain every single step I did, and plus I don't have enough pictures, but please let me know if you have more questions. I'd love to check out some other booths.

P.S. The Photoboof Forum is also a great place to get ideas from other DIY Photoboothers.
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zachschi5 years ago
Looks great! What type/size of photoprinter did you use?
LuciferRex5 years ago
 wow, this is amazing!  Kudos on a great project
aamcclai5 years ago
 what a hilarious and almost cartoon like smiling girl popping her head out of that booth. :p
jonesphotog6 years ago
What was your overall cost for this project?
jchorng (author)  jonesphotog5 years ago
I had gotten a school grant for $500 and used it all to buy all the materials. I'm sure if you're clever enough you can repurpose/recycle stuff and do it for much less!
bangaram6 years ago
really its very good.u done great job mate because it is very clear and perfect but i dont understand one thing how the machine working when u put the coin inside.please can u explain the mechanism how coin work when u put in the booth.thank u very much.im eagerly waiting for ur reply.