Picture of DIY Pinata Costume
 This Halloween, I wanted a costume that was 1.) cheap and 2.) unique.

1.) I need my money for ramen and
2.) I've seen enough of the same "themed tube dress" to know it wasn't worth my ramen money for 1 yard of fabric that everyone else was wearing. 1 night of hotness < 2 months of food. 

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
 You will need:

-1 button-down shirt, preferably one you don't care about
-1 skirt, again one you don't care about
-Different colors of streamers  
-Tape 1 1/2 " wide 
-Halloween Animal Ears

The shirt was mine, the skirt was goodwill, streamers were from a dollar store, and everything else I found. Total cost: $5.00 

Step 2: Pinata-fying your tape.

Picture of Pinata-fying your tape.
 Generally, the costume is a skirt and a shirt covered with strips of streamers attached by tape.
Rather than tape every single layer of streamers, I made strips with several layers of streamers attached, then taped those "pinata strips" clothes.

Step 3: How NOT to adhere it to the clothing...

Picture of How NOT to adhere it to the clothing...
 I made the mistake of laying the skirt out flat and putting on the tape that way. This caused me grief, because unlike the surface of my table, I am not flat. I have a bum, and masking tape does not stretch. 

Step 4: How to adhere pinata tape to clothing (the right way)

Picture of How to adhere pinata tape to clothing (the right way)
 Put SOME of the tape on while the garment is on a flat surface, then put the garment on and readjust so it fits. This makes sure that the tape is in the right shape for your body. Remember, even though the fabric of your skirt is stretchy now, it won't matter once it's covered in tape. :3
Same goes for the top.

You may need a friend to help you get those hard to reach areas covered.

In case you didn't do it the right way, fix it by pulling back most of tape, then re-adhering it while wearing the skirt. Make more pinata tape to make up for the gap.

gorozco9 months ago

Do you know that piñatas get hit with Sticks trying to break them? NEVER wear a Piñata costume! unless you want to get hurt

Pretty stinkin' cute!! Unless I'm a ding-dong and missed it, how long did this take you? I am thinking about making one for myself for when I take my little man around trick-or-treating, but don't know if I'm ready for the time commitment... :)
kylee761 year ago
I'll be showing this to my 7yo when she gets home from school! We need a cheap costume and I even have a skirt of hers (complete with random holes) that I was about to throw out!
Holy heck, I know exactly what I'm going to do for Halloween, now! I've been searching for days for an awesome idea, and I think this will be perfect! Colorful, fun, and unique. A great alternative to a lot of the more provcative outfits that girls wear... this makes my day (:
ehaines13 years ago
Great idea! I pinata-ized a too-large shirt I had and it worked out well: the extra room in the shirt was helpful in getting it on once I was done and I had minimal tearing. Your idea of assembling a bunch of streamers into a set was a good one for the bottom 2/3rds of the shirt. Having sheets of streamers to tape on as a set worked well.

Any child who gave me a high-five ("hit the pinata") got a mini-bag of M&M's, so I had many visitors during the party. Luckily my candy supplies held out to the end of the evening.
Nice technique! I love this as a fun, easy and cheap costume. Great idea, thanks!
boomowthathurt (author)  DaveySprocket4 years ago
Thanks! I completely forgot about this instructable, haha
trialex5 years ago
Nice one!

I did something very similar for a Mexican themed Christmas party last year. I wish I'd seen you instructable first - it would have saved me making the same mistake of laying it all out flat.
boomowthathurt (author)  trialex5 years ago
 Thanks! this looks like so much fun.
Kiteman5 years ago
"-Stay away from open flames "

True: when I made my piñata costume, it ended it's life as a Guy - it went up like a bomb.
boomowthathurt (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
 "Stay away from open flames ... unless you're into that sort of thing."