This Halloween, I wanted a costume that was 1.) cheap and 2.) unique.

1.) I need my money for ramen and
2.) I've seen enough of the same "themed tube dress" to know it wasn't worth my ramen money for 1 yard of fabric that everyone else was wearing. 1 night of hotness < 2 months of food. 

Step 1: Materials

 You will need:

-1 button-down shirt, preferably one you don't care about
-1 skirt, again one you don't care about
-Different colors of streamers  
-Tape 1 1/2 " wide 
-Halloween Animal Ears

The shirt was mine, the skirt was goodwill, streamers were from a dollar store, and everything else I found. Total cost: $5.00 

<p>Do you know that pi&ntilde;atas get hit with Sticks trying to break them? NEVER wear a Pi&ntilde;ata costume! unless you want to get hurt</p>
Pretty stinkin' cute!! Unless I'm a ding-dong and missed it, how long did this take you? I am thinking about making one for myself for when I take my little man around trick-or-treating, but don't know if I'm ready for the time commitment... :)
I'll be showing this to my 7yo when she gets home from school! We need a cheap costume and I even have a skirt of hers (complete with random holes) that I was about to throw out!
Holy heck, I know exactly what I'm going to do for Halloween, now! I've been searching for days for an awesome idea, and I think this will be perfect! Colorful, fun, and unique. A great alternative to a lot of the more provcative outfits that girls wear... this makes my day (:
Great idea! I pinata-ized a too-large shirt I had and it worked out well: the extra room in the shirt was helpful in getting it on once I was done and I had minimal tearing. Your idea of assembling a bunch of streamers into a set was a good one for the bottom 2/3rds of the shirt. Having sheets of streamers to tape on as a set worked well.<br><br>Any child who gave me a high-five (&quot;hit the pinata&quot;) got a mini-bag of M&amp;M's, so I had many visitors during the party. Luckily my candy supplies held out to the end of the evening.
Nice technique! I love this as a fun, easy and cheap costume. Great idea, thanks!
Thanks! I completely forgot about this instructable, haha
Nice one!<br /> <br /> I did something very similar for a Mexican themed Christmas party last year. I wish I'd seen you instructable first - it would have saved me making the same mistake of laying it all out flat.<br />
&nbsp;Thanks! this looks like so much fun.
&quot;<em>-Stay away from open flames </em>&quot;<br /> <br /> True: when I made <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Generic-Superhero-Costume-Captain-Pinata./">my pi&ntilde;ata costume</a>, it ended it's life as a <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Fawkes_Night">Guy</a> - it went up like a bomb.<br />
&nbsp;&quot;Stay away from open flames ... unless you're into that sort of thing.&quot;

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