DIY Pine Cone Jewelry





Introduction: DIY Pine Cone Jewelry

This jewelry I make from a natural basic commodity , the pine cone. That is a very good, interesting element , the pine cone piece ,like the tiles are stacked on each other.

Step 1: Pine Cons Scales

We cut down the pine cons scales.

Step 2: The Base

Of a canvas spice we cut a shape ( oblong ,triangles ) and we glue the scales on it , such as the roof tiles.

Step 3: The Hem

If we reached the adequate line we glue on the upside a piece of leather and between of the leather and pine cone scales we put a wire. The ends of wire we turn up.

Step 4: Leather Decoration

On the leather we glue shape of scales from leather, such as the roof tiles or we can cut of the leather little triangle.

Step 5: The Laether Thread

The necklace is finished, we put on the ends a leather thread.

Step 6: Pine Cone Buckle

We can make a buckle so that we glue on the back a buckle fund

Step 7: The Final Result



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    wondering if you could drill the pine cone 'petals' and use them that way? Did you try? Such a fabulous natural material with warm colour.

    It's a great idea but I'm afraid the pine cone will broke . But once i will try for sure.

    Stunning! So original and I can't wait to try this.

    Thank you very much, glad you like it !

    Holy hell! This is blooming great!

    Glad you like it. :)

    very cool! Do you suppose that one could make a full length neck tie using this technique?

    A full length neck tie is a very cool idea but because of the material I use it would be a heavy one and a bitt stiff .

    Idea you it is creative

    Idea you it is creative