Picture of DIY Handgun Hanger
Firearm Safety
Proper firearm safety techniques should be used at all times. ALWAYS be sure to keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction, and have the safety on until ready to shoot. Before hanging your firearm on the hanger, be sure that the chamber is clear and the safety is on. Always keep your firearms stored in a safe and locked location.

Procedure Safety
Be sure to wear all listed safety gear when listed. Exercise caution when using a grinder or polishing wheel and always make sure to follow the warnings and safety instructions on any equipment you may use.

Safety Equipment:
• Safety glasses
• Long pants and sleeves
• Closed-toed shoes
• Gloves

This set of instructions intends to show readers how to construct their own pistol hanger to help keep their handguns accessible and organized in their gun safe.

Materials Needed:
•One 3/16 in diameter x 3 ft  steel rod ($2.98)
• Two #10 rubber end caps ($0.40)
• One can of Plasti-Dip ($6)
• Channel locks
• Hacksaw
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Step 1: Cut Rod To Size

Picture of Cut Rod To Size
Measure and mark a line a 20 inches from one end of the rod.

Place the rod securely in the vice.

Using a hacksaw, cut the rod to a length of 20 inches. After cutting, you may want to use a grinder or deburr wheel to remove any burrs or sharp edges on the rod.

Step 2: Mark Bending Points

Picture of Mark Bending Points
Measure and mark 4 inches and 5 inches in from one end of the rod. These bending points are for the section of rod that your firearm will hang from.

From the other end of the rod, measure and mark 4 inches and 4 7/8 inches in from end. These bending points will form the part of the hanger that will grip the shelf.

jon_chalk1 month ago

Totally agree with nickitzi. Better safe than sorry. Other than that, it looks like a useful idea. Though, would it not damage the barrel in the long run by inserting/removing from the hanger?

gearup5001 month ago
nickitzi1 year ago
You have a good design except for the end caps, never place any thing in a barrel that may get left behind in a moment of stress. Having a rubber end cap lodged in a barrel and then firing a round will have disastrous result.