I did this project because I broke my nail one time too many. I play clawhammer banjo, and to get the tone I like I need my nail out past my finger tip.

Most commercial finger picks are made of brass, steel, or hard plastic. Unlike natural fingernail, these materials don't have give when they hit a string, and are harder so the don't absorb the shock by letting the string dig in. The result of this is that when playing with these picks they make an annoying scratching and pinging sound.

By using soft flexible plastic I corrected both these problems creating a pick that produces superior tone and is fit perfectly to my finger. These picks are also a great recycling project and are very low cost. 

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this project you'll want yo get:
-Tin snips or other strong scissor
-Nail clipper
-Medical tape
-Soft flexible plastic (I'm using plastic dog food containers)
Great build - I am a big believer in custom making items and recycling so this INST really appealed.<br>Good job.
great idea. made them with thinner transparent plastic. very good.
Great idea! I typically use the &quot;meat&quot; of my fingers for fingerpicking (I'm a blues guy), but this might be a cool alternative sound for me to try out!

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