Introduction: DIY Plastic String (from a PET Bottle) *UPCYCLING*

Today I show you how to make 15 - 20 meters of plastic string from one 1-liter PET bottle.

At these days, we throw all the plastic bottles (deposit-free) away immediately. But some things can be reused easily, such as (deposit-free) plastic bottles.

WATCH my video on YouTube : DIY Plastic String (from a PET bottle)

or look at my photo gallery as shown below

It's so easy ... You will not believe it

Re- / Upcycling is the future !

BUT BE CAREFUL !!! The blade of the pencil sharpener is very sharp. DO NOT HURT YOURSELF !!!


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Step 1: You Need:

Picture of You Need:

- a knife

- a screwdriver

- 2 screws

- 6 washers

-a pencil sharpener ( 1 blade )

and an empty PET bottle

Step 2: The Screws and Washers

Picture of The Screws and Washers

Take 3 washers and one screw and screw them, as you can see on the photo, on a wooden plate.

Do it 2 times with a distance of about 5 mm

Step 3: The Blade

Picture of The Blade

Take one blade from a pencil sharpener and put it between the 1st. and 2nd. washer (from TOP) as you can see on the photos. The sharp side away from you !!! Be CAREFULL !!! Don't hurt yourself !!!

Step 4: The Bottle

Picture of The Bottle

Take an empty PET bottle and cut off the end ( with a sharp knife) ! BE CAREFULL ! Don't hurt yourself !!

Step 5: Start to Make Strings

Picture of Start to Make Strings

Take the PET bottle and put it with the cut-off end between the washer.

Push it a little bit down to get a "Start-String" and pull it CAREFULLY !!! Don't hurt yourself !!!!

Step 6: Result

Picture of Result

...from a typical 1-liter PET bottle you can get 15 - 20 meters of string....


Dvini (author)2016-04-01

Amazing and really simple! good job.

TeresaM7 (author)2016-04-01

That's the simplest one I've seen yet. I'm going to do it!

Lavoz24 (author)2016-03-31

I have many plastic bottles I've saved (Gatorade,soda and detergent and water,etc.) in case I could find something to make with them. NOW I DO! I could use the strings for a million things in my home and my projects. Being I could heat them so they could melt into each other to have a stronger hold I WILL BE USING THEM FROM NOW ON! Thank you for sharing!

KaffkaK (author)2016-03-31

Your bottle cutter is brilliant by its simplicity !!!

A bit more complicated stuff from a Russian guy on the same subject. The most interesting thing about the guy - he is a lawyer.

Lavoz24 (author)KaffkaK2016-03-31

He made a bow strings from plastic string! Impressive!

VictoriaMo (author)2016-03-31


bignail1954 (author)2016-03-31

I have seen several versions of these either here or on Youtube. Assemble was no problem. I used a brand new utility knife blade. I could not get the bottles to make strings due to the brittleness of the plastic. I would like to have some plastic string but what am I doing wrong?

becker990 (author)2016-03-23

excellent work and idea!!

Ehlers_TV (author)becker9902016-03-25

Thank YOU :-D

AngelinaG5 (author)2016-03-16

Is the string cut evenly?

Ehlers_TV (author)AngelinaG52016-03-19

Yes.... it is ! Why ?? :-D

Muchtested made it! (author)2016-03-02

Thank you, this was fast and easy to make and it works well. The blade was switched for a smaller safer one later.

Ehlers_TV (author)Muchtested2016-03-19

Great ! :-D

Covo (author)2016-02-07

Combine this with "Geared Rope Making Machine" ible and I wonder how strong it is?

Mihsin (author)2016-02-07

Real nice 'Ible, I'll go down to my shop and try it now, then I'll see it the wire is suitable for tree graft wrapping.

Ehlers_TV (author)Mihsin2016-02-07

It is. I have used it quite a few times in the garden for different things. If you make it hot after the wrap, with a flame, you get a non-releasable connection :-D

lovekatz (author)2016-01-21

has anyone tried this with a hand-held veggie spiralizer thingy?

marcelosanjuan (author)2016-01-19

The thumbs up on the pic made me think this was a How To Basic video.

Ehlers_TV (author)marcelosanjuan2016-01-19


Ehlers_TV (author)2016-01-18

What ???

JasonE26 (author)2016-01-17

Enjoyed the video. Made much more sense.



Ehlers_TV (author)JasonE262016-01-17

Thank you......but I think the photo gallery is also quite understandable...or NOT ???

getoffamycloud (author)Ehlers_TV2016-01-18

in order for the pictures to make sense you have to click through to expand all of the different sections. If you had made it more steps so each section had fewer photos then they would be visible upon scrolling through, but as it is the ones that show upon scrolling through do NOT show the entire process.

Ehlers_TV (author)getoffamycloud2016-01-18

Sorry, I'm still learning. Next time I'll do better.

bhavik zure (author)Ehlers_TV2016-01-18

photo gallery is also cool, nice recycling. & congrats

Ehlers_TV (author)bhavik zure2016-01-18

Thank YOU :-D

getoffamycloud (author)Ehlers_TV2016-01-18

in order for the pictures to make sense you have to click through to expand all of the different sections. If you had made it more steps so each section had fewer photos then they would be visible upon scrolling through, but as it is the ones that show upon scrolling through do NOT show the entire process.

njh51 (author)Ehlers_TV2016-01-18

Different people learn differently and both the video and photo explanation make sense to different people. :)

Looks like a useful thing - what do you use it for?

luvzrozes (author)2016-01-17

I wouldn't know until I tried, but I can see crocheting loosely to make reusable shopping bags.

BlackSheep1 (author)luvzrozes2016-01-17

if the string's too stiff for crochet, try macrame (aka paracord work or seaman's knotting).

M. DwayneS (author)BlackSheep12016-01-18

Or, even just simple braiding.

This is an awesome survival technique. You know, after the zombies........

Ehlers_TV (author)M. DwayneS2016-01-18

:-) I know :-)

Oh wow! I was thinking the same thing. Only question would be whether they are flexible enough.

....they are a little bit flexible.....

Ehlers_TV (author)luvzrozes2016-01-17

Great idea :-D

Linkin_J_Knex (author)2016-01-18

Thanks for following me =) this ible looks cool =)=)

Ehlers_TV (author)Linkin_J_Knex2016-01-18

Thank You :-)

Yonatan24 (author)2016-01-18

A hot wire foam cutter might be good for this too, With some kind of way to control the width of the cut

Ehlers_TV (author)Yonatan242016-01-18

Great idea.......but my way is cheaper ;-)

gogutu (author)2016-01-18

În Primul rand e sanatos pentru natura,in al-doilea rand se poate folosi la legat sau cusut.foarte practic.nota 10

Ehlers_TV (author)gogutu2016-01-18

Multe mulțumiri :-)

jimmie.c.boswell (author)2016-01-17

wonder if this, if preshrunk would work for 3D printer filament?

I can not tell you .... I am not familiar with 3D Printers....Sorry :-)

Sayedasifali (author)2016-01-17

Thank you for excellent idea.

Ehlers_TV (author)Sayedasifali2016-01-17

Thank YOU :-D

CraftAndu (author)2016-01-17

Super idea, how strong is the string?

Ehlers_TV (author)CraftAndu2016-01-17

...with a thickness of one hold about 33 lbs....but there are many different types of bottles. Try it :-)

I8mAll (author)2016-01-17

Jolly good show, I enjoyed the clear demonstration of creation and use. Perhaps a vertical dowel for the center of the bottle would help with feeding.

A good thing about PET ribbon is it's tendency to shrink on heating so a user can bind something and make sure with hot air or a gentle flame. Top marks old thing.

skylane (author)I8mAll2016-01-17

I'd never thought of PET shrinking in a usable way. Excellent piece of information!

PJSolarz (author)2016-01-17

Great idea... Thanks

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