Step 4: The top trim

Now that the sides of the bed are assembled, time to put the top on. The width of the 4x4 plus the outside trim means we need about a 4.5" wide board. Thus, we had to buy the 1x6s and rip them to the appropriate size. So, you know, do that. This is what the table saw is for. I even took a picture of it (the saw was off at the time, don't worry). 

Miter them corners up
Now comes the fun part. We are going to miter the corners of the top frame, so that it doesn't look like the bed was made entirely by a third grader. To do this, you need a miter saw. Turn the saw to a 45 degree angle. Cut the angle on both side pieces. Then you can measure the length they need to be and cut them off straight at the right measurement. Way easier than a precise measurement on a miter cut. For the foot you will obviously need to make two mitered cuts. Measure using the fat end. Make sure you also take into account the width of the saw blade, and where it lines up to your cut line. Good job. Now do a test fit to see that everything is playing nicely (There's even a photo of this to check your progress.) 

Add mini studs
This step is probably completely unnecessary, but again, I am a man that enjoys overkill. So we're going to go along and place mini "studs" along the edge of the trim for further support for the top and side trim. To do this measure exactly the height from the frame stud to the top of the pine. Now take your 2x2 and cut about 15 or so pieces to the same height. To make this easier, clamp a scrap piece of wood on the end of the miter saw the appropriate distance from the blade, so you don't have to measure every piece, you can just butt it up against the scrap and they'll all be the same length. There is a picture here to show what I mean also. 

Now arrange, glue and nail these along the perimeter of the bed (as shown). When that is finished, you may apply the top trim by gluing clamping and nailing in the appropriate locations. 

Give it legs
As nice as the 4x4 legs look, you need to make them even with the trim. So what I did was cut some scrap 1x6 pieces to 1/4" less than the height of the leg. This allows for some room so that the 4x4 still supports the bed and not your arbitrarily placed scrap wood. And it's long enough that it looks like that's all its resting on. Anyway, glue and nail these pieces in. I only did the outside corners, and mitered the edge, to make it as clean as I could make it look. 

Now it's finally starting to look like a bed! 
Thanks for the idea. I made mine with a 20 inch clearance off the ground for storage purposes. i forgot to compensate for the legs so the matress area came out 4 inches bigger than the king matress....easy fix for a later day... overall the frame is really sturdy :-).
<p>So I built this bed last weekend. I built my wife a bed for her birthday. I used Birch instead of Pine. Your instructions were great! Since time was of the essence, I decided to break this up into 4 phases. Phase 1, the bed, Phase 2, the legs, Phase 3, the headboard, and Phase 4, the nightstands. Anyway, great design and instructions. Thanks for the ideas.</p>
<p>How much did this cost you total?</p>
<p>DarrellB5,<br>So I am still on Phase1, which is the bed itself....and mine is a King. I have spent $350. On the sides, I went with 7&quot; Boards instead of the 10&quot; boards because getting 10&quot;x1&quot; birch boards was hard to come by from the woodworking shop. <br><br>I am taking my time with the other phases. For the headboard I found an upholstered, one similiar to this:<br><a href="http://sarahmdorseydesigns.blogspot.com/2013/09/tudted-headboard-with-nailhead-how-to.html" rel="nofollow">http://sarahmdorseydesigns.blogspot.com/2013/09/tu...<br><br></a>So far, I have the frame built and the foam installed, I just need to finalize the fabric choice. <br><br>For the NightStands, I am planning on doing a secret locking drawer to hold my Pistol, flashlight and a wireless phone charger. </p>
How much would you say all the materials costed?
I just purchased a home and actually was looking to BUY this EXACT bed. Now I find it here. I just added a deck, (Pretty Large) onto my house and actually have almost enough lumber left over to build this. Only problem is I have looked and called and I can't find that &quot;SWEET BRACKET&quot;. Do you know where you got it. I am in the south and Home D &amp; Lowes doesn't carry it. <br> <br>I gotta say, this is a GREAT job! And to buy something of this quality would cost a lot lot more than you have in it. And to say you built it yourself is always a plus. I'm just getting started in my woodworking and I am loving every minute of it....
anyone wanting to know what the brackets are you can get them at home depot they are made by simpson strong tie the product number is RTC24. they run about $5 each
I did call My Local Lowes store and they said they didn't know what type of bracket I was talking about. He tried to put me off on something that was 61cents and was NOTHING like what I was looking for. So today I had to get out and went by Lowes and they had lots of these parts....(the guy on the phone was just clueless) Anyway the part number is RTC42. The web site for Lowes doesn't show it under any number I put in, but they do have them. I took a photo and showed it to the clerk and he knew EXACTLY what I was talking about. Just wanted to add that note because they were getting hard to find and were right under my nose. Now I can't wait to get started. I think this thing LOOKS GREAT and only hope I did just as good of a job as you did. I haven't read all the instructions but I hope it can be moved fairly eaisly as most beds are. I think it will turn out OK.....Here Goes....................... <br> <br>Thanks VERY much for the post. Again, I CAN&quot;T WAIT TO GET STARTED!
anyone wanting to know what the brackets are you can get them at home depot they are made by simpson strong tie the product number is RTC24. they run about $5 each
<p>Built this exact bed today in a king size, thanks for the great instructions and material list. Total cost about $325 all in wood, stain, ect.... at my local home depot. If you need C clamps Harbor Freight has some nice ones really cheap. </p>
<p>I have just stumbled across this bed from something completely different I was looking at on youtube.(card making) I love it!!! Due to disability I won't be able to do it myself' but my husband can and will,</p><p>I'm so pleased that articles etc stay on the internet for such a long time.</p>
<p>Briljant idea, we are going to make this bed, but we are going to use for the outside wood, bamboo board, hopefully it will turn out great.</p><p>thank you for the idea</p>
Love this design! I've been looking to do a bed frame somewhere between platform and loft, and this looks perfect! (Though I think mine will be a bit taller. Haha.) Glad to finally find a frame with some design to it and not just something basic the bed will cover up. <br>Nice instructable!
I love this bed...just what I am looking for (maybe with a &quot;box&quot; nightstand) and I loved your writing style. Hope you found a &quot;lady&quot; to share the other half of the bed...this &quot;lady&quot; is gonna try her hand at her own! Thanks so much for the good read! ;-) <br>
beautiful bed, great job!! Love the last pic with dogs, so cute, all of you ;)
Very nice...I know you say you need to be careful as pine is soft, but your excellent choice of stain for it will conceal all but the most heavy dings and with enough of them it would probably take on a beautiful distressed look.
anyone wanting to know what the brackets are you can get them at home depot they are made by simpson strong tie the product number is RTC24. they run about $5 each
Awesome job/project. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. Wish I had a garage and even a hand saw heh.
move over puppies!
I'm actually going to try to build this one......My wife and I would like a new bed and I am not please with some of the stuff i see in the furniture store...the cheap stuff is not worth it and the stuff i like is waaaayyyyy to expensive.... with three kids romping in the bed in the mornings I definitely need something sturdy...<br><br>Fantastic project...i hope mine comes out as good as yours!!
Hey Odecom5. I just built a bed inspired by yours. I hope it's OK I included your instructable's URL in my description.<br><br>http://www.instructables.com/id/Bamboo-Flooring-Platform-Bed/
I plan on building a bed similiar to this for my 15 yr old son in a few weeks. As a single mom, I find ways to save money anywhere I can and this is right up my alley. And I have most, if not, all the tools I need for this project. My oldest son and I just finished a pergola for my back patio....very cool! Thanks for the instructable and will let you know how it turns out!!
roughly how much did all of your supplies cost you? <br>i'm thinking about building the bed, so I was just wonderign what it'd set me back. that would determien if i spend a weekend making it, or go to ikea and buy a similar bed.
Very Nice
Excellent! Full of useful information and witty humor, just as a 'able should be!
You're funny! This bed looks WONDERFUL! Great job with it. I love the floating night stands too.
So awesome! Right now I have a couple of cars to work on, and no woodworking tools, but as soon as I buy a house, I'll want to make one of these for sure. If the housing market collapses and I can hold onto my job, then I'll be making one of these next year!
This looks great! I would make the night stands a little more sturdy though, never know when you could roll that far. And while you are bracing them up, maybe you could add a drawer?
I thought about adding a drawer, but all that ever ends up in those drawers with me is junk, anyway. <br><br>An alternate that I was considering was making the nightstands a part of the headboard, that way you could just extend out from the edge of the headboard and be nice and sturdy. But then I opted against it for whatever reason. It more than suits my needs, It will hold at least 20 lb worth of crap, and I've never had a lamp or alarm clock that weighed that! <br><br>Even if you did roll onto it, it would likely just damage your head on your way to the ground :)
I have two kids, seven and four, so everything I build has a &quot;Can they sit on this&quot; approach to it. I designed a Biplane style loft bed for my son, complete with propeler, but couldn't figure out how to attach the wings to where when they climbed on them, it would hold their weight. And I agree with the junk drawer theory, I was thinking more resale and stability. Nice stain job by the way.
Very cool! I like the floating nightstands. I've been playing with designs for platform beds and will incorporate the floating nightstands (with a modification so that they can be opened for storage). I hope you don't mind. <br> <br>Again, VERY cool!
Post pictures! :)
love it.<br> <br> If you had it to do over, would you do the side rails that wide? At first glance, it looked to me like they would be too wide, and a pain for getting in and out of bed (knee knockers).<br> <br> Also, you really gotta let us know what those brackets are called. I looked under a few different names and came up empty.<br> <br> Thanks,<br> <br> Cory<br>
it's really not a pain at all. the mattress sets in just as far so you can sit on the bed with your feet on the ground and just barely touch the side rails. i did it more as a design aesthetic, and for my design it needed to be wide enough to cover the 4x4 posts underneath. <br><br>Right by the lumber there's a section of all kinds of roofing and various metal brackets for lumber. It should be there. Or you could just print a picture of mine and bring it in, someone ought to be able to help!
You can find the brackets at your local home improvement store. You really have to go in and look because they are called different things by each manufacturer.
Now that bed is solid...
Looks like a great project for us aspiring furniture makers! Enjoyed reading, hope to build one like it. Thank you!
I may have to look into this. My bed frame broke some months back and I have my mattress on the floor. I still have the solid wood headboard but using this I could make a full be maybe even get rid of my box spring. Defendant easier then getting a metal extra long replacement.
This is awesome! I'm very impressed. I have an IKEA Malm that has the floating nightstands, but I don't really like the wood that it's made of. Obviously it's not solid. I'll definitely be using this instructable in the near future. Thanks for the time you put into creating it.
Nice job!!! Between your instructable and the one your linked back to I'll be working on something similar to this. Gave me some great ideas and short cuts to make it now.<br><br>I've got, and still using, a bed frame built years ago that is a very minimal and easy to break down bed. It only has 6 1&quot;x10&quot;x5' and 2 1&quot;x10&quot;x6' each bolted down with bolts and wing nuts. Legs are 6 simple pipe legs. Moving around a lot, back then, I needed a bed that could break down and transport easy, so built that bed years ago. It's been a very rock solid bed frame over the years but lately I've been wanting a more substantial bed frame. These builds will allow me to recycle my old bed into a much nicer bed.<br><br>Will work on also creating my first instructable with help from your build!!
&quot;carpenter's triangle thingie&quot; = speed square<br> <br> other than that....nice job<br>
that was my next guess ;) thanks.

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