Step 2: Remove The Rubber Lids

Use a knife to slowly lift the rubber plastic lid cover around the glass container. You want to be careful since you will need the lids again. Slowly and gently the lid will separate from the glass part.
<p>DAMN! I did not realize this! I have been throwing them away and buying new ones...Thank you for this great lesson</p>
I was throwing mine away also until I went to my local oil burning shop and got some burning oil. Took the top off and refilled it and now it lasts 10 times longer than the plugins I got at Bath and Body Works
I was doing mine away too until I went to my favorite oil shop and bought some burning oil and refilled the plugin and it lasts 10 times longer than the ones I bought at Bath and Body Works
<p>You can buy replacement wicks at Michael's! 3 in one package for 99 cents.</p>
I wish someone would post a link on these. Couldn't find them and the high school girl working didn't know
<p>Grapeseed oil might be a good carrier oil. It is a light oil and fragrance free. Stores that sell massage supplies/make-your-own bed and bath supplies should carry it. Haven't looked in the grocery store but I suppose that's possible.</p>
<p>Costco carries grapeseed oil - of you're going to do the refill with it, that's a great source! </p>
<p>hi</p><p>Has anyone used reed diffuser oil ?</p><p>This can be had pretty cheaply and is widely available. It is also oil based but I do t know if it good to use or not ???</p><p>Joff</p>
<p>I've been using liquid potpourri to refill my plugins. The only problem is they empty a little faster, guessing because it's liquid &amp; not oil. I haven't had any problem thus far. I bought liquids at Dollar Tree, they had a variety of scents. I want to replace the wicks &amp; just saw a posting that Michael's has them. I'll check online also for a possible better deal.</p>
This is really cool but after using the first refill the wick is kind of jacked up at the top. How do you resolve this issue
<p>I had a few of the air wick bottles empty and some lavender oil and did exactly what you put in the instructable and now going to plug it in to see if i did it right thank you thank you thank you for this instructable. </p>
<p>This is a great idea &amp; I will definitely be trying it. I would be careful about buying essential oils from a reputable source &amp; not using &quot;dollar store&quot; oils. Quality essential oils should not be toxic - some are even safe to be ingested. </p>
I totally agree with you. <br>I liked this as an alternative to the $150 essential oil diffusers I was looking at. I'm not sure it's a great option for that though. I won't even get into all the other stuff you mentioned, but I totally agree with you!
<p>how do delete a empty box I have somehow created??</p>
Remember that Febreze can be VERY TOXIc to humans and it takes months to get the smell out of your home. Also scented oils can be toxic to many people; like myself. Sooo beware. When you make these type of choices you not only make them for yourself but for those around you. A Healthy Home Has No Smell. Open your windows and let the fresh air in. Way Healthier and not masking with toxic scents and no cost.
Dogs stink. I have a dog. His smell is sometimes water activated and he has bad ears. Plus it's 23&deg; outside all week. Sometimes a little help is needed.
<p>You need to research before using toxins. If anyone uses this product I could NEVER enter their home. Wish I could recall the web site that sent me a free sample of a scent free shampoo. They had so many healthy items for pets. The product was Petology. A much safer product for the pet and our world. Doubt very much if that product Febreze should ever be used on pets. Maybe speak with your vet. Hate to see animals being abused by us not understanding the toxins in products. I have a small dog and he is one that does not shed and thankfully not smelly. I make sure he has filtered water also since the vet told me that was best for animals and us. Animals should be treated as well as ourself. Guess we keep using so many toxins that even the vets recommend filtered water. Wondering how long we can keep going like this. Heard on a radio program that by the year 2050 humans will no longer be like they are today. I had to change the station since it was very disturbing as what they were talking about. </p>
<p>Do you think it's safe to refill them with the Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray?</p>
Febreeze is really good, but I really enjoy <a href="http://www.brzgifts.com/listing.asp?dept_id=27050&nopopup=1" rel="nofollow">oil warmers</a>. My wife bought some for our house and they are so awesome.
Where can I find <a href="http://aroma-pure.com/blends.htm" rel="nofollow">essential oil blends</a>? I have looked everywhere but I can't find them anywhere. Thank you for your help!
Boy, am I glad you had this. I've been trying to find a way to refill the warmers. Now all I have to do is find out how to make the wicks. Or where I can buy them. Thank you so much.
http://www.purityfragrance.co.uk sell these wicks &pound;1.99 for a pack of 5 they also sell a range of oils at a good price p&amp;p to usa is &pound;3.30, uk is free p&amp;p and france,italy and spain is &pound;6.49 for p&amp;p. hope this helps.x
This is cool, but is there any way to <strong>make your own</strong> oil? That would be awesome.<br/>
noahh have you found a way to make your own oil yet. I have been filling my plug ins for about a year, but would like to mix differnt scents.
What kind of Oil do you use? I just bought Lavender Oil, The bottle says &quot;Warming Oil&quot; I have a Glade Night Light Plug-In. Another site that I read they suggested filling the container about 1/3 of the way. Then adding water? After reading some of the posts here I am a little nervous about plugging it in... lol
Ya. that would be cool.
<a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Be-a-Romantic-Scientist%3a-Distill-your-own-perfume-/">http://www.instructables.com/id/Be-a-Romantic-Scientist%3a-Distill-your-own-perfume-/</a><br/>
This sounds extremely risky. I would not try this just to save a few dollars.
I followed this instructable using the essential oils from Essential Trading Post on ebay and their carrier oil, and they work great!. They have a huge selection at good prices. I blended their musk and their rum and maple for a nice manly scent, and one refill has lasted well over 2 months. It is not a strong, overpowering scent, just a hint when I come into the room. Thanks for the idea!
ok ive done this and i must say you have to try this oil out from Gold canyon. omg its so nice and very strong. when you warm it your home smells every where. i order at www.mygc.com/bohenko they have great scents
oooo! Gonna try the scented oils they have at Walmart. Should work just fine right? They're for electric oil warmers anyway. And they're cheap too, like .98 cents a bottle. I'll let ya know :D
Purity Home Fragrance is now available on eBay and Amazon in the UK and Europe. <br> <br>The Range is specifically designed and safety approved for plug in air fresheners and brings the price of refilling down to around &Acirc;&pound;1.50 each time. <br> <br>Your also doing that little bit extra for the environment by refilling and recycling your little glass bottle. We estimate based on UK sales that 13 million are binned each year in the UK alone! <br> <br>Purity use only perfume grade ingredients and contain a higher percentage of fragrance than official refills too, so you can turn them down and save even more. <br> <br>Trial sizes are available to, as well as 100ml and 250ml bottles. <br> <br>Look on eBay or Amazon or google Purity Fragrance plug in refills. <br> <br>Coupon code: MYFIRST gives you 15% off your first order and 10% ongoing from our website too :) <br> <br>Thanks, <br> <br>Katy
I'm not sure about the other plugins, but I've refilled AirWick plugins with liquid potpourri and it didn't work so great. The warmer doesn't get warm enough to release the scent, and the wick just expands if you use the original wick. Not sure if it'd do that with a new wick or not. I think I'm going to go back to the store though and find some scented oil made for warmers. I have a Febreze plugin just like the one in this instructable too. Thanks so much for posting this instructable!!!!! it's really helpful!!
Guys and girls...<br><br>I'm in the UK and the refills sell for anything upto &pound;6GBP, especially these new triple scent plug versions....and all for just 12ml in each, outrageous.<br><br>Making your own is perfectly do-able, but to be cost effective you will need to buy approx 25kg of fragrance and 400kg (1 kg roughly 1Litre) to do it.<br><br><br>It really scares me to see people suggesting carrier oils at a guess eg: Olive Oil (really?!!?)<br><br>Firstly you would have a house that stinks of Olive oil and secondly it would not carry. The 'carrier' oil is a closely guarded secret in the fragrance industry. It has no real name but a series of letters...it has no residue and a very high temperature tolerance for safety. It also diffuses into the air and holds. I took me 8 months to find out what it is.<br><br>So there is one other thing, its called FLASHPOINT...that is the temperature at which a liquid becomes flammable. (for example Olive Oil is upwards of 185Celcius....that wont happen you think, if the plug becomes faulty and electric hit the oil.... it will).<br><br>Q: Do you still want to leave your home, belongings, kids and pets at risk to a liquid you bought at a DIY store then plugged in to an electrical socket to save &pound;3 or a few dollars, if so you are totally nuts.<br><br>I know this because I have spent the last year in my spare time trying to develop a refill product that can sell at a price that means refills are just &pound;1.<br><br>I started off thinking a bit of clear oil and some smelly and job done, I was so wrong, and I was scared when an expert asked how I'd feel when a house fire with dead kids was found to be because of the juice I knocked up in my garage and flogged on ebay.<br><br>So a year has gone by, I have sourced packaging suitable for oils, gained lab tests and contractual assurances that the liquids are safe and suitable and have had several meetings which are very promising.<br><br>I really really am not trying to scare you guys off, I found this site a while ago with the same idea as you, good luck but for your own sake do the research.<br><br>For anyone interested, I will post back details of our product launch and actually it would be cool if I could send interested parties a single shot refill to trial and give feedback on. Again, I will post an update on that back here soon.<br><br>All the best,<br><br><br>Ty
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Dear HomeFragrance, <br>Thank you for the wick info. I order some today. <br>Have a good day everyone! <br> <br>This is a great site. <br> <br>Amber
You can purchase the replacement wick at Abundant Health website for 30 cents/piece. Here is the link:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.abundanthealth4u.com/Plug_in_Diffuser_Wick_p/9392c.htm">http://www.abundanthealth4u.com/Plug_in_Diffuser_Wick_p/9392c.htm</a><br/>
Yikes!!!! Regular USPS Priority Mail International can be really high. However, I would say those wicks can easily weigh under 4lbs which could be shipped using a USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope for around $13 max from US to the UK.
Can you buy the cotton stem for the oil refill, if where!
I had been searching for this information for a while too. I knew it wasn't that difficult but I thought that one might have to mix the essential oil with another oil to dilute it. Though this doesn't look to be the case. Thanks.
Hey would this work good with liquid potpouri??
5/5 Good Instructable!
Awesome. I came to Instrutibles today looking for a tip like this and found it first try. Nice one.
I tried simmering liquid and don't think that it is working. How about fragrance oils like used for homemade candles or does it have to be essential oil and should you mix the fragrance oil with a carrier oil or use straight.
can you use simmering liquid like what is sold at wal-mart in the large bottles or is it only going to work with oil that is usually only sold in very small bottles
I found that to cut the cost even more, I add 8-15 drops of essential oil, then fill the rest of my glade plug-in with extra virgin olive oil works really well too. :)
*runs to the bathroom to grab the plug in air freshener* Dude... this is awesome. Thanks for this instructable, I never would have thought of refilling them!! This is a great way to save $$, I don't know how much they cost for the rest of you, but here at Wal Mart, the refills are $4 and up. Figure yousave on average $3 per refill, that adds up after a while. Keep up the great work!!

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