Picture of DIY Pocahontus Necklace
I'm a die hard Disney fan and I've always been a collector of movie memorabilia. I've never been able to find a Pocahontas necklace that I really liked. When my sister brought up the idea of being Pocahontas for Halloween, I decided I'd need to try my hand at the necklace.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this neck;ace, you'll need:

White and teal acrylic paint

A paintbrush

2-3 cocktail straws

Necklace cord & clasp

White polymer clay


Hard work surface

Warm hands

I bought all these items at Michael's (except for the straws which I got at Target)

This necklace will take about an hour to make, including backing and drying time, and cost about $10.00 in materials.
Hlwarren87 made it!1 month ago
Fantastic instructions! Saved me a whole heap of ££ !
ty1591 year ago

my sis loves pocahontus!!! i

suarez821 year ago
very cute n creative
suarez821 year ago
very cool n creative
Sorry! Pocahontas is my favorite princess!
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Love this! Pocohontas is my favorite princess!!!
NetWt4Lbs1 year ago
Very cute! :-)