DIY Pokeball Using 3D Pen





Introduction: DIY Pokeball Using 3D Pen

Hello friends. Today I want to show you how to make a Great ball pokeball that opens using a 3D pen. It's very easy and it's a lot of fun.

For this you will need:
3D pen (my one got provided by You Can buy it for 26$ Here.
A Toy ball or tennis ball.
Cello tape.

Step 1: WATCH VIDEO!!!

I've made a video tutorial on how to make this awesome pokeball. so go and check that out first. :)

Step 2:

First of all you need to cover your ball in tape. 3d printing plastic doesn't stick to it much so it will be easy to remove it afterwards. then you draw with marker two lines in half. with a 3mm gap between them. and then place a coin and circle around it. that will be your button.

Step 3:

Now I decided to make a great ball. but you can go for original red and white pokeball. so pick your color and start drawing with your 3d pen along the line, then go across the half from edge to edge forming half of the ball like you see in the pics. I suggest you to watch video to see what I mean if it's not clear. :)

Step 4:

draw a black middle line with a 3d pen swell as button bit like you see in the pictures. now using your nails or knife pull your halve of the pokeball off the toy ball.

Step 5:

Now draw a bottom half of your pokeball. The same way you did with the top. you should have two halves now. I used a piece of paper clip wire. made a little pin and attached it as an axe forming a hinge around it. melting plastic in the way so it acts like hinge.

Step 6:

last but not least, I drew some decorating bits in red that a Great ball has. and added a white button. and there you have it guys. easy to make pokeball that you can use to show of, or give it as a gift to someone or use it as a gift box.

if you liked this instructable check out my YouTube channel. I upload every week projects like this and more. :)



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This is cool! About how much filament do you think you went through?

not much. few grams. like 10 maybe